*UPDATED* Apple not happy with Rogers' iPhone plans

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*UPDATED* Apple not happy with Rogers' iPhone plans
The big wigs at Cupertino are said to be miffed at Rogers' iPhone 3G pricing, so much so that they are apparently diverting shipments to Europe, leaving Rogers stores with only 10-20 per store on launch day. Furthermore, it is rumored that Canadian Apple stores will not be selling the iPhone 3G. Rogers' plans start off at $60/month for only 150 minutes, 400MB of data and 75 text messages and max out at $115/month 800 minutes, 2GB of data and 300 text messages. And we thought AT&T plans were expensive.

Update: Looks like Rogers has caved.  There is a new "promotional" data plan which gives users 6GB of data for $30/month, and can be used with any voice plan.  Not quite unlimited, and it does require one of those crazy three year contracts, but it's basically the same thing AT&T is offering.  No word on whether stock is being re-diverted back to Canada or not.

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1. unregistered

WHOLY COW!!! Yea that SHOULDN'T fly. Soemone is trying to take advantage of the popularity and extort it BAD. That's horrible.

23. unregistered

Yeah... Canada pays the highest rates for cell phone plans in the world, on top of that we also have min. 3 year contracts. It;s due to lack of competition. Ever since Rogers bought Microcell (now Fido) from T-Mobile International, the GSM network prices have been going up. There is no competition for Rogers, meaning they can put there prices as high as they want and still have sales. Even Fido, which used to have excellent prices in comparison to other carriers has been getting more expensive. Thankfully, T-Mobile, along with HSBC (a bank company), is bringing T-Mobile to Canada so then Rogers will finally have competition and will lower their rates. Around early next year, I believe.

2. unregistered

i will buy iphone lol

3. unregistered

Who IS happy with Rogers' iPhone plans? Luckily, you can use different plan with it (almost any, in fact). I think the Blackberry one is a good plan, correct?

4. unregistered

Don't know how european carriers work but in the states they're set data plans for the device, not interchangeable.

5. unregistered

I should clarify, Blackberry has it's plans and PDA's have theirs, but basically they are the same i guess....

20. unregistered

no, but with rogers someone who work there even sent out message to say this online ruinediphone.com i think

6. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

$60 for 150 minutes and 75 text messages?!?! That's insane. They don't even have an unlimited plan for the iPhone! Some people are a little money hungry.

7. unregistered

i agree, Rogers is too greedy :D Hope this isn't true

11. unregistered

in the u.s. so much cheaper verizon $60 for 450 minutes and unlimited text messages. that's crazy.

21. unregistered

no one here cares about verizon this is iphone and rogers, could be iphone in any carrir like at&t but not verizon lol!!

34. unregistered

and everyone thought vzw was bad lol

8. sniffles unregistered

*cough* RIPOFF *cough*

22. unregistered

I'm sorry I didn't quite catch the word you were saying? I think you may have a cold.

9. sinfulta unregistered

It's not just for Iphone people, there plans in Canada through Rogers/Telus...etc are way more expensive than they are here. We still have an advantage. On top of that they will probably have a 3yr contract since most of the carriers there have 1/2/3yr contracts in place. Also keep in mind that they don't pay for incoming calls. Just outgoing. So the minutes are ridiculously bad, but the data features compared to ours and the features are what's real expensive there. Try paying for caller id, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail etc. It's nuts!

10. unregistered

I agree that those prices are a ripoff, but its not apple's business to police the plans for their phones. Their only job is to make a cellphone like every other company in the industry, but for some reason they think they need to control every aspect of their phones. Ridiculous imo

12. unregistered

well fortunately for Apple they have the hottest ticket right now and will threaten to send it else where if they want to. so they can get into everyone's business. in this case it would be welcomed im sure by our brothers to the north, eh? couldnt resist :)

13. unregistered

hmmm....you guys cant compare Roger Wireless to all the other carriers...the Big Players (ie: VZW and AT&T) have so much more revenue from the Huge # of customers that they each have, plus the competition here in the US is crazy...but then you look at Rogers, i only heard of them like a year ago...they have less customers its a much smaller entity and therefor is still stuck with such expensive plans....remember people 5 -8 years ago everything cell phone related in the US was expensive and thanks to all the companies competing to get our attention plus everyone getting used to the fact that cell phones can replace a house phone and our ability to spend more than we save is how we obtained these lower cost plans

14. unregistered

if apple really cared they wouldnt leave a company with out the actual phone and they should just provide Roger with rebate forms or something....personally i think apple is stuck on an EGO trip and instead of helping it just pulls its product after contracts were signed....what kind of business partner is that???!!!

24. unregistered

It's not Apple's fault, it's Rogers'. Apple prices the iPhone, sure. But Rogers comes up with the plans/contracts/rates.

15. unregistered

"Also, perhaps in a bid to dispel some nasty rumors about a major iPhone shortage, Rogers will be hosting 8AM launch day events at six Rogers Plus stores in major Canadian cities, complete with a free breakfast. Mmm, breakfast." (Engadget.com)

26. C-Chickie unregistered

Ya your going to need that breakfast with the money you'll drop for that plan eventunally.... JESUS... " Hey since we'll strave them of their money lets give 'em alittle food to make such they dont completely strave" :)

16. unregistered

Mabey they should put it on a real network with good 3g coverage. Like Sprint or verizon (even tho i hate verizon atleast they wouldnt bundle it with 300 text messages only >.>)

17. unregistered

When I was in Europe last year, no one really talked on their phones. They all were text messaging. Its apparently really expensive out there to talk on your cell phone. They dont have unlimited plans like we do either.

18. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

Holy mother of God what's wrong with Canada?

25. unregistered

Not Canada, Rogers.

27. C-Chickie unregistered

Every time someone mentions Rogers, I think of Mr.Rogers all evil and dictator like.

32. unregistered

North Korea?

35. C-Chickie unregistered

Yes, plastering his face other everything and ruling his 'beautiful' neighborhood.

19. at&t rep unregistered

apple is worried about bad press for apple with the plans from rogers being so horrible, in my opinion ( not a fan of apple after the launch day shenanigans they pulled with at&t) apple would rather loose money ( 5980 per store if the at&t pricing holds true) than have people get a bad taste in their mouth and associate it with apple rather than rogers, but hey, that is just my thinking, take it or leave it ^.^

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