UI designer submits concept video for iPhone multitasking gesture

UI designer submits concept video for iPhone multitasking gesture
As multitasking becomes more commonplace for everyday users of Apple’s iPhone, there may need to be a better, easier way to access the multitasking drawer. That is what UI designer, Max Rudberg, thinks and he has released a concept video detailing a potential solution.

Rudberg notes in the comments of his video that he uses the drawer a lot and he finds using the home button to access it is slow and cumbersome. He also points out that the home button tends to lose responsiveness as the device ages.

He suggests using a single finger swipe from the bottom edge of the screen to extend the drawer up. This gesture could be expanded to add additional functionality to the other edges, as well as have a setting to turn it off completely, particularly for applications that may conflict with it.

Rudberg has even gone as far as submitting it to Apple as a feature request, so this may actually be something we see added to the iPhone in the future. What do you think? Is this a solution that you would like to see?

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source: Redmond Pie

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