Tuesday's News Bits

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Tuesday's News Bits
  • Audible will be able to run on BlackBerry handsets. This is one of the major sources of audio books with a product catalogue of over 75,000 titles. Why would anyone want to strain their eyes reading on a small screen instead of just listening to the content is something we will never know. (source: BlackBerry OS)

  • Tilt to Live for the iPhone gets a massive update. The new version of the super-addictive game adds two gameplay modes - Code Red and Gauntlet. Both of them can be rather frustrating if you are a novice and therefore, we can recommend them to seasoned gamers only. (source: TouchArcade)

  • An innovative method of controlling a cell phone gets showcased in Japan. The overall concept is pretty similar to the principles behind Microsoft's Project Natal, in other words, a camera tracks your motions in their three-dimensional complexity and the software translates them to relevant commands. For an instance, you can just "push" with you finger in the air to press a keyboard button. (source: Gizmodo)


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