TouchTec gloves let you use your capacitive touchscreen device in the cold

TouchTec gloves let you use your capacitive touchscreen device in the cold
Ever get caught between wanting to use your capacitive touchscreen device or wearing gloves to stay warm on a bitter cold day? No longer do you have to choose one or the other as TouchTec enabled gloves allow you to keep your fingers toasty warm while still having your fingertouch register on your device. The company, which had produced the iTouch gloves for the Apple iPhone, has announced that there has been record demand for gloves that use the special TouchTec leather that will work on all capacitive touchscreen phones.

Unlike other gloves that are designed for use with capacitive screens, TouchTec enabled models were designed from the ground up specifically for use on handsets so they don't use those metal dots that have limited use and can scratch up your screen. TouchTec gloves keep you warm and let you use your handset. It's a win-win. And yes, there is another win as some of the most fashionable accessory manufacturers are using the technology on their winter wear, so you also look good. Names like Harley Davidson, Ansell, Hawkeye and Burton are offering TouchTec enabled gloves, to name a few.

There is still plenty of Winter and cold weather left. For those who go for function over fashion or vice versa, you can order TouchTech enabled gloves from Amazon or Sharper Image online. And if you shop at stores like Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor or Neiman Marcus, you will find the gloves there. Check out the video to see how you can stay warm and stay in touch at the same time. If you want to find a retailer near you that carries the glove, click on this link.

source: TouchTec


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