Top Gear Stunt School Revolution game hits the Play Store

Top Gear Stunt School Revolution game hits the Play Store
Hey people, did you hear that Top Gear Stunt School Revolution is finally available in the Google Play Store?! OK, maybe not everyone is supposed to know what that is, so let us explain.

Top Gear Stunt School Revolution is a game that was originally available exclusively from Amazon's Appstore. Being a Top Gear game, it involves some of the fanciest rides around. Being a Top Gear game about stunts, you can be pretty sure that you'll get to do some pretty crazy stuff with those rides! Here are some of the activities provided by the game:

- Want to balloon hop a motor home to clear the Grand Canyon?
- Use your sports car and escape Alcatraz by leaping as far as you can and landing on a barge?
- Speed through a roller-coaster on a New York skyscraper with a cow on your pickup?

Yes, yes, and yes, we say! You can get the limited, free version of the game, or the full thing for $0.99.


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