TomTom is planning on opening their own app store to combat its competition

TomTom is planning on opening their own app store to combat its competition
Google surely did its part on putting the pressure on the comfortable smooth sailing ways of big GPS makers with their increasingly popular Google Maps Navigation. Following shortly and right behind them, Nokia is cementing itself in Europe as the supreme entity in the GPS navigational market with Ovi Maps with Navigation. In an attempt to combat the growing threat that TomTom faces with these two imposing figures, the company is looking to open their own app store to counteract the moves that Nokia and Google have executed in encroaching into their turf. Thanks to their recently unveiled WebKit-based platform, TomTom plans to reinvent their operating model by moving into the apps market to further their reach aside from the traditional expertise they have in the GPS devices market. One of the items speculated is that they will be working on an augmented reality app, but it's not yet clear if this will come to fruition nor is there a concrete date on when the app store is expected to launch.

source: pocket-lint


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