Titanium iPhone 4 case is lightweight, but hampers signal

Titanium iPhone 4 case is lightweight, but hampers signal
When you look past the iTunes integration, the Retina display, and the FaceTime video calls, the iPhone 4 is essentially (culturally) a piece of jewelery. Like all Apple products, they aspire to form as well as function. And accessory-makers have built an industry on the iPhone's back. But this aftermarket case has us seriously confused.

This titanium case from Snow Peak weighs in at only 0.6 ounces, and offers lightweight, durable protection against dents and dings. But let's pause for a moment: titanium hampers wireless signal. And the website even admits that "This product is made of metal that may degrade performance of [the] radio transceiver".

Not only that, the website warns that the case is "intended to cover and not intended to protect," and using the case "could result in [the] iPhone 4 being scratched". Wow. Then consider that this little status symbol costs US$119.95, and we've got a real marketing challenge on our hands.

We understand that celebrities cover their iPhones in diamonds and such, but even they wouldn't do something that might inhibit cell signal. So we'll pose the question to our readers: Would anyone be interested in buying this case (we won't judge you)?

source: Snow Peak via Gizmodo

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