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Tidy homescreens: do you use folders to store your app shortcuts? How many?

Nowadays, there are tons of apps on the app stores and they all do something awesome. From image editors, to music software, crazy camera modifiers, chats, social media apps, games, the list goes on and on. And with so much storage on our phones, it's easy to get... really overboard with how much content we install!

Now, some phones don't have the benefit of an app drawer (yeah, looking at you, iPhone, but also some black sheep Androids), and all of those apps splurge across a multitude of homescreens. Even if you have an app drawer, you might feel better to have most of them on a homescreen anyway.

So, what do you do? Do you use the nifty folders to keep your apps neatly organized and your homescreen count low? Do you only have one or two folders for the more specific apps (like games and image editors) and let the rest of the icons fill as much space as they want? Or do you just let the apps fall where they may and not care about the chaotic appearance of your homescreens? State your position down below, in the poll, and go ahead and defend it in the comments as well!

Do you use app folders? How many?

Nah. I don't download that many apps anyway
Nope. My homescreen is a mess. You should see it!
I have a few folders for my specialized stuff, keeping my homescreen count under control
Everything is in a folder! I need ways to put folders in folders!
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