This is one gorgeous iPhone concept

This is one gorgeous iPhone concept
We have all seen our fair share of concept device renders, such as the iPhone with the holographic display and the laser keyboard. This concept known as the iPhone SJ by Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR Studio is perhaps the most attractive of them all.

Even though he doesn’t divulge into the tech specs of the concept, with the exception of the A6 processor and an improved camera, the design of the phones chassis is enough to make us look past that. The concept is definitely that of a larger iPhone that features an edge-to-edge display. The whole front of the iPhone SJ is capacitive which goes along with the rumors of an elongated home button that would feature touch gestures.

The body of the iPhone SJ is made of the lightweight yet incredibly durable polycarbonate material. The design itself appears to be incredibly thin, much thinner than the already svelte iPhone 4S. There is only so much that can be said about the concept dubbed “A Classic, Reinvented,” so take a look at the photos for yourself and tell us what you think.

source: ADR Studio via Redmond Pie


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