This artwork gives a wordless review of the Apple Watch revolution

This artwork gives a wordless review of the Apple Watch revolution
The first wave of Apple Watch reviews is out, and they all agree on one thing: the Apple Watch might be the best smartwatch available, but it is not really a necessity, and it comes with a surprising amount of shortcomings for an Apple product.

We, not being a part of Apple's loyal community of websites that get the pre-release watches for those early reviews, will have to wait until the timepiece is available in stores to give you our full-on review, but in the meantime, we stumbled upon an artwork that gives a somewhat cynical, wordless review of the Apple Watch.

It's more than just about the Apple Watch: it's a criticism against our infatuation with screens, the constant attention we devote to them, while ignoring the big, wide world around us. It's about the modern human, and something more.

It's also a funny way to look at the Apple Watch from a slightly different perspective. The painting is called 'Think different' by Jean Jullien (hit the source below to find more of the artist's works).

source: Jean Jullien



1. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

"the apple watch might be the best smartwatch available" Phonearena, you crack me up :)

2. Victor.H

Posts: 1079; Member since: May 27, 2011

Always glad to make you happy!

5. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

When I am feeling down, I know I can go to you guys to cheer me up.

14. gadgeteer

Posts: 45; Member since: Sep 06, 2014

Victor, really surprised you don't get extra love from Apple.

45. luis.d

Posts: 354; Member since: Dec 04, 2013

Vic's personality is a complicated duality of an Android user and Apple fanboy... think about it.

4. SamsungEU

Posts: 147; Member since: Dec 29, 2014

that's a big " might be "

6. DeusExCellula

Posts: 1390; Member since: Oct 05, 2014

If you read the article, you would see that it says "The first wave of Apple Watch reviews is out, and they all agree on one thing: the Apple Watch might be the best smartwatch available". This is the opinion of the reviewers that already HAVE an Apple Watch. If you read the second paragraph, it clearly states in the first sentence that PA does not have an Apple Watch yet. you crack me up with your rush to be the first comment only to fail because you didnt read the article.

7. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

I did, and those reviews also crack me up, because they are from hardcore apple sites. So of course they are going to say that.

9. bucky

Posts: 3791; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

ofcourse they are hardcore, paid by apple, sheeps! They must be if an apple product has positive reviews...

22. willard12 unregistered

I'm sure news outlets that simply present an honest review aren't punished and any reputable organzation can get their hands on an Apple Watch for review.

16. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Seriously. BOLD statements! Thanks for a great chuckle. Har, Har, Har! SMH

19. SamsungPhanboy

Posts: 765; Member since: Mar 31, 2015

Sheep can't wait to get their fruity new toy, that's a shame. Can't wait to get my Galaxy S6!!! Will go great with my new Samsung Vacuum cleaner!!! -Sent from my Galaxy Tab


Posts: 182; Member since: Jun 15, 2014

How much does Apple pay you to play dress up as a Samsung fan? Seriously; you are ridiculous.

24. SamsungPhanboy

Posts: 765; Member since: Mar 31, 2015

How dare you insult me like that? Are you kidding me? Call me an Apple supporter? What is seriously the worst Company in existence? Apple What Company does nothing but make kids work for terrible wages? Apple What Company supports that Fruity Parade? Apple What Company forces mindless sheep to come buy their products literally every year? Apple Who has a near $100 Billion cash pile that they refuse to utilize to help the poor? Apple JUST THINKING ABOUT THE COMPANY MAKES ME SICK! I love Samsung because they care about the consumer. They care about making a difference in the world. They care about true innovation, even if it means spending a bit more on research and development. Samsung is the way to go. Call me an Apple supporter one more time and I'll personally hand you a pillow case filled with 800 chicken bones and 200 bricks to beat yourself with.

35. EclipseGSX

Posts: 1777; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

How much does Lady Gaga pay you to tweet about her music?

23. TBomb

Posts: 1579; Member since: Dec 28, 2012

Does the vacuum cleaner actually communicate with the phone? I only have a phone and tablet that are smart and dont feel the need for anything else that is smart but im curious about this vacuum

34. EclipseGSX

Posts: 1777; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

It's a vacuum that can be controlled by your smart phone. Check out Navibot S, the app was designed by Samsung!

3. SamsungEU

Posts: 147; Member since: Dec 29, 2014

the only good part about the apple watch is that it will put fire under samsung feet to come up with a better watch like it did with the s6

8. thxultra

Posts: 459; Member since: Oct 16, 2014

Competition is great this is why I don't hate any other companies because you hit it on the head here the Apple watch will put fire under Samsung to make a better product which will put fire back under Apple... I will however argue that Apple has done lots right with the Apple Watch. Digital crown was a great idea for starters, built in Wifi and NFC also. Nice you can leave your phone in another room and if both it and the watch are on wifi you can still answer calls on the watch. Screen resolution is also great with the apple watch and force touch will be big also. I also like that you can read an entire e-mail on the watch not just part of the message. I only see two problems with the apple watch so far (not counting the cost because it is pricy). 1.) battery life I expect the battery to die before the day is over. 2.) I heard from early reviews it runs slow. Rumor is this will be fixed via software which I hope is true.

10. rick_mobile

Posts: 359; Member since: Dec 13, 2010

*yawn* the apple watch is not even out yet and I'm already bored of it

25. SamsungPhanboy

Posts: 765; Member since: Mar 31, 2015

You can say that again. I'm about to nap and watch television with my new curved Samsung TV. (Jk, one can only wish)

11. Rydsmith unregistered

The Verge: Let’s just get this out of the way: the Apple Watch, as I reviewed it for the past week and a half, is kind of slow. There’s no getting around it, no way to talk about all of its interface ideas and obvious potential and hints of genius without noting that sometimes it stutters loading notifications. Sometimes pulling location information and data from your iPhone over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi takes a long time. Sometimes apps take forever to load, and sometimes third-party apps never really load at all. Sometimes it’s just unresponsive for a few seconds while it thinks and then it comes back. Phonearena, you and I have very different definitions of the word "best smartphone." They have called it the nicest, which isn't a surprise for an Apple product but then have slammed it for being slow, unresponsive, and even failing as a watch with taking up to a minute for the time to show when raising the watch face.

12. Rydsmith unregistered

Nicest looking**

15. seven7dust unregistered

Reading fail...... PA didn't say anything they quoted others reviews.

17. Rydsmith unregistered

"The first wave of Apple Watch reviews is out, and they all agree on one thing: the Apple Watch might be the best smartwatch available" That's PA, not a quote from others.

26. seven7dust unregistered

Exactly they took the info complied from others and wrote that sentence .... Its not really PA s stance on it. They haven't even used it.... Personally I think Apple s first gen products are always more proof of concept but get better with updates. Even still we expect more from Apple software especially responsiveness. Sounds disappointing.

39. tedkord

Posts: 17417; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Proof of concept? Anybody remember when people used to claim that Apple didn't release products until they were perfect?

48. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

Not to mention they would only bring out products when the tech is ready for it.

13. UglyFrank

Posts: 2194; Member since: Jan 23, 2014

Slowly our heads will get lower and lower and when smartshoes come out, it is game over

29. Fire5

Posts: 315; Member since: Feb 13, 2015

With the simple fact that has to be connected to the iPhone to run and only works with the iPhone to PA knows it is not nor will it be the best smartwach market. like its technology in under two months will be obsolete

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