Third party tethering app arrives for the Palm Pre

Third party tethering app arrives for the Palm Pre
Palm Pre owners across the land can now share their 3G connection thanks to a nifty third party application called My Tether. As its name implies, it will basically turn your Pre into a modem that will allow you to connect a computer to the internet through the use of Sprint's EVDO network via USB connection or Bluetooth PAN. Version 2.0 of the app adds some new features which will use your Pre's Wi-Fi to emit a wireless network so other Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to it. Of course this isn't approved by Sprint and you may want to closely monitor your usage so that they don't get too suspicious. Now this isn't technically a free software anyone can get their hands on – you'll need to donate $10 to get access to their forum in order to download it. So head on over to the site if you want to start sharing that connection.

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source: mytether via everythingpre

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