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The same, but better - even more Sony Xperia Z4 photos show up for your viewing pleasure

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The same, but better - even more Sony Xperia Z4 photos show up for your viewing pleasure
We got our hands on yet another set of leaked photos showing what appears to be the Sony Xperia Z4. Assuming this is the real deal - and we are 99% sure, because the model number in the second pic reads E6553 and corresponds to the Z4 - then this is another supremely sleek smartphone from Sony, even if its quality design feels all too familiar at this point. Then again, this is arguably the best a Xperia smartphone has ever looked, so no complaints here! 

According to the ones who passed along the photos, the Xperia Z4 will be released in 1080p and 1440p screen resolution variants, both featuring a display diagonal of 5.2 inches. It is also said that both will be outfitted with Snapdragon 810 processors and 4GB of RAM, as well as 20.7MP main cameras, 5MP front cams, and in-house made S-Master HX DACs.

From other leaked photos, it is also apparent that Sony waved goodbye to the closure flap protecting the microUSB port from water and dust hazards. This doesn't mean Sony ditched protection against the elements - that would be illogical considering the company turned it into a distinguished feature of its products. More likely, it found a more elegant way to protect the hardware.

So, there you go - enjoy these photos and brace yourselves for the Xperia Z4 launch. The smartphone has been leaking left and right recently, so a reveal before the end of summer seems quite possible. Moreover, it seems US (un)carrier T-Mobile has pulled the Sony Xperia Z3 off its online store - and if we speculate for reasons, it could only be lack of demand, an upcoming Sony flagship launch, or something inbetween..

source: NoWhereElse.fr , xperian.ir (Translated)

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