The new Tile Mate is a 25% smaller replacement to the original Tile

The new Tile Mate is a 25% smaller replacement to the original Tile
A little over a month ago, Tile formerly introduced the Tile Slim. The Tile Slim was the successor to the company's original Tile that first launched back in 2014, and the Slim's main goal was to provide all of the same features that the original Tile introduced but in a much slimmer package. Where the original Tile proved to be great for attaching to your keys, camera, backpack, or purse, the Tile Slim was shown off as the perfect companion to slip into your wallet, passport, or laptop. Today, Tile is taking the wraps off of the Tile Mate - the newest member of the Tile family that will be replacing the Tile Original.

Right off the bat, the most notable aspect about the Tile Mate is the fact that it's 25% smaller than the Tile Original. That might not seem like a huge deal on paper, but in person, the reduction in size is quite substantial. And, unlike the Tile Slim, the Tile Mate features a pre-drilled hole in the corner - similar to the Tile Original - that will allow you to easily attached it to a pair of keys, backpack, or any other item of yours. These are essentially the same use cases that the Tile Original set out to meet, but you'll now be able to track all of these items in a body that's three-fourths the size of the Original. For those wanting a bit more detail, the Tile Mate weighs in at 6.1-grams whereas the Tile Original had a weight of 8-grams. Additionally, the Tile Mate's dimensions come in at 34mm x 34mm x 4.65mm compared to the Tile Original's dimensions of 37mm x 37mm x 5.3mm.

Aside from the reduction in size, the Tile Mate functions pretty much exactly how past Tiles have worked. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth for its original pairing. If your Tile is connected to your keys and you can't find them in your house, the Tile Mate will connect to your phone via Bluetooth through the Tile app to located them. The Tile Mate will continue to ring until you locate your keys and confirm your discovery of them on the app. However, if your keys (or anything else your Tile is connected to) happen to be out of Bluetooth range of your phone, there's no reason to fret. Through the Tile app you're able to leverage the power of the Tile community to help you locate your lost item, and considering the fact that Tile has sold more than 6 million units and operates is over 200 countries, the community is actually quite a bit more powerful than you may think.

In addition to using your phone to track your lost items that the Tile Mate is connected to, you can also use the Tile Mate itself to find your phone if you lose it. Double-pressing the middle of the Tile Mate will force your phone to ring - even if it's on silent mode - until you locate it.The Tile Mate comes equipped with 4 different ringtones and features IP5 standards.

The Tile Mate is available for purchase starting today from Tile's website and retails for just $25 (or $70 if you want to get a 4-pack of the trackers). Additionally, Tile has also introduced the Combo 4-Pack that includes 2 Tile Mates and 2 Tile Slims for $90. The Tile Mate will be available from Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint, T-Mobile, Target, and Verizon starting tomorrow - Wednesday, October 12.



1. AlikMalix unregistered

I love this poroduct. I preordered then before the first one was even shipped - it was a really great deal.

3. sgodsell

Posts: 7574; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Pebble's core will be much better than this, especially since it has 3G is about the same size. The core is definitely much thicker. But it also has GPS, WiFi as well as Bluetooth. Plus it has a 32 bit CPU with 4 gb of store and 512 MB of RAM. It fits nicely on your key chain. You can even track it if it's on the move. It is more expensive of course. It is $70 for only one.

5. AlikMalix unregistered

Not worth it!!! Sometimes you can get a deal on the tiles for 18 each. And they work great! I'm not putting a $70 tracker in a wallet that never has more than a few bucks in it. I only need it to locate the keys or wallet when I'm at someone's place/party, or rushing out of the house. I guess I like to keep it simple. But thanks for the info

2. Jackdaw

Posts: 66; Member since: Mar 10, 2016

I don't get it. How is the community supposed to find my keys if I dropped it somewhere on the street.

6. AlikMalix unregistered

It is secretly linked to anyone who ever has an app - so you can ping the location using anyone's device that has the app installed. In my experience - there seldomemanyoke who has an app installed - so its best used to find your items around the house. I always said they should just have this technology as part of iOS or android that supports "tile" as a third party accessory.

7. AlikMalix unregistered

EDIT: ...seldom anyone who has the app installed.

4. Brewski

Posts: 726; Member since: Jun 05, 2012

What's a mm? Is this no longer an American Website?

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