The new HTC Touch Cruise is the Iolite

The new HTC Touch Cruise is the Iolite
After Nokia started to "recycle" its model names, using the numbers from older phones, HTC is going in the same way, using the names of its previous phones. First was the new T-Mobile Shadow, which has the same name as its predecessor, and now is the HTC Touch Cruise that replaces .. the HTC Touch Cruise. The new model is what we've knew as the Iolite until now - slightly smaller and more powerful than the 2008's Cruise. The main difference is the software: the new Cruise comes with TouchFLO 3D and is the first for HTC with the Footprints application. In addition to geotagging the photos, it will also name them based on the location, and allow you to attach a short text or sound note to each. The official HTC press release also mentions that once the phone is put into its car cradle, it automatically transforms its user interface into an easy-to-use, one-touch interface that provides seamless turn-by-turn directions". However, there is no information on the preloaded navigation software and whether it will be free for use or not. The new HTC Touch Cruise will be available in spring 2009, with both European and North American versions. The latter is expected to cost $500-$650 SIM-free.

HTC Touch Cruise Specifications

source: HTC

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