The major manufacturers agree to rate the charger efficiency

The major manufacturers agree to rate the charger efficiency
You’ve left all the chargers plugged-in without a phone attached and you’ve gone out? Shame on you! Did you know that this way they are still consuming energy? According to Nokia, this is about two thirds of the energy your cell phone uses as a whole.

The five major phone manufacturers (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG) have developed a rating system for power consumption, that’s going to show you which charger is the most efficient one. The devices will be given stars (from 0 to 5), depending on their score. According to Nokia "If the more than three billion people owning mobile devices today switched to a four- or five-star charger, this could save the same amount of energy each year as produced by two medium sized power plants". The initiative is being accepted fairly well also by the main charger manufacturers as Flextronics, BYD Co, Emerson Group. This is completely understandable, having in mind that products of a higher class are more difficult to manufacture, but also with a higher price.

source: Reuters



1. unregistered

wow. I didn't know that it consumed energy with the charger still plugged in

2. unregistered

Yep. All electronics do. Hair dryers, flat irons, coffee pot, toaster, you name it!

3. unregistered

where is the results of this rating system i'd like to know if i need to go home and unplug everything?! :)

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