The cameras on the iPhone are the most widely used on Flickr

The cameras on the iPhone are the most widely used on Flickr
Flickr has released its review for 2016 and found that the pair of cameras on the iPhone are the most widely used by the Flickr community. 47% of the pictures uploaded to the site came from the iPhone. 24% came from a Canon branded camera, while 18% were shot on a Nikon branded snapper. Overall, eight of the top ten devices were Apple iPhone units; the top three were the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 5s and the Apple iPhone 6s. The only non-Apple devices in the top ten were the Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II.

48% of the pictures uploaded to Flickr this year came from a smartphone. That was up from the 39% of Flickr pictures that came from intelligent handsets last year. Pictures from a DSLR camera made up 25% of the photos posted on the site this year, down from the 31% of pictures that were taken by a DSLR camera last year. Mirrorless cameras were responsible for 3% of Flickr-posted photos this year, flat from 2015's contribution.

Since we take our smartphones everywhere, it is no surprise to see smartphone cameras used on a leading percentage of Flickr posted photos. In fact, smartphone cameras are ahead nearly 2 to 1 over DSLR cameras. Still, it is more than just being handy that explains the popularity of smartphone cameras. Over the years, the technology has improved to the point where pictures taken from smartphones look amazing.

Flickr produced a couple of graphs detailing the information that we just told you about, and posted some of the photos that were named "Best of 2016." Check them out by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: Flickr via 9to5Mac
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