The Walking Dead: Season Two finally chews its way to Google Play

The mobile version of the second “season” of one of Telltale Games' most successful titles, The Walking Dead, has finally arrived on Google Play. The game spin-off of the zombie-infested TV series has been around on Amazon's app store for almost a month now, and even longer on iOS.

Unlike the first installment of the game, in which you played as Lee Everett, The Walking Dead: Season Two puts you in the petite shoes of Clementine (or Clem) – a cute 11-year old girl, whose odds for survival in the post-apocalyptic, zombie-overrun world are quickly dwindling and gravitating towards zero.

Not that we want to spoil the ending of the first game for you (at least deliberately, that is), but The Walking Dead: Season One finished as Clementine found herself completely alone and scared in the barren countryside.

Just like the first installment of the game, The Walking Dead: Season Two is divided into 5 different episodes. The Android version of the game itself and its first episode, "All That Remains", can be downloaded and played for free, but that's not the case with the remainder of 4 episodes. They can be snatched via in-app purchases. iOS users have to pay $4.99 upfront, though. Also note that Telltale Games has not yet released the fourth and the fifth ones - they are expected to hit the game sometime this summer.

Download: The Walking Dead: Season Two (Android | iOS)

source: Telltale Games via Pocket Gamer


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