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The Samsung Galaxy Gear gets HERE Maps support... in a way

Posted: , posted by Luis D.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear gets HERE Maps support... in a way

Nokia announced a partnership with Symphony Teleca that will see their new cross-device (Samsung Galaxy series and Samsung Galaxy Gear) navigation app, TurnByTurn, rely on HERE Maps for nav data. Nokia says that the smart-watch provides a comfortable solution for the majority of users. According to its research, users tend to alternate between opening the navigation app to check their position and closing it to save the device's battery life. Putting the navigation app on their wrists means having an easier time following directions.

Thus, the TurnByTurn app lets users plan their route ahead of the trip on their Galaxy smartphones, and sync it to the Galaxy Gear smart-watch. The wearable transmits navigation instructions and alerts (visual and audible) from the phone. It's like putting a supercharged compass on your wrist, but you'll have to carry a paired smartphone as well.

We aren't quite sure whether the new Gear smart-watches that run Tizen OS will support the app, because it's based on Nokia's Android SDK. Meanwhile, the TurnByTurn app isn't yet available for download, but it should appear in the Google Play store soon.

The upcoming TurnByTurn app

source: HERE Maps via GSMArena

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