The Oppo F1 is the first device in Oppo's new camera-centric smartphone series

If you've ever heard of the Oppo N and Oppo Find smartphone series, then you already know that the company has a background in camera-centric innovations. Building on what seems to be an affinity for smartphone photography, Oppo announced today the F series, a new range of smartphones that will bring premium-tier camera quality to mid-range, affordable devices.

Unfortunately, while Oppo has announced some details about this new F series, the company has yet to disclose the full details regarding the Oppo F1, the first smartphone in the new range. The teaser image that the company published alongside a formal but minimalistic announcement shows a smartphone with a slim, metallic build, but does not reveal the full design of the handset. Furthermore, no word has been shared on the hardware specifications of the F1.

Here's what Oppo Vice President Sky Li had to say about the new F series of smartphones:

Judging on the words used in this statement, the Oppo F series is not likely to integrate high-end smartphone specs. Instead, there's a good chance that the Oppo F1 will approach the booming mid-range smartphone market.

When you think about it, bringing high-end camera features to mid-range smartphones makes a lot of sense. Many smartphone users would definitely like to get their hands on a capable camera without having to pay the premium price of a high-end smartphone.

At the moment, Oppo is keeping silence when it comes to the price of the Oppo F1, but the company said that the phone will launch in markets across the globe by the end of the month. As such, more details about this new camera-centric smartphone series from Oppo are expected to surface online - through either official or unofficial channels - in the upcoming weeks. Who knows, we might even get to see the smartphone on the CES floor this week in Las Vegas.


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