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The OnePlus 3T is heading to India; sales begin on December 14

The OnePlus 3T is heading to India; sales begin on December 14
The OnePlus 3T is easily one of the most impressive budget flagship smartphones that's currently on the market, and while it costs a few more dollars than the original OnePlus 3, the added cost is more than worth it to make an already great phone even better. OnePlus first launched the 3T in both the United States and Canada on November 21st, and following that, the phone made an appearance a week later on November 28th in Europe. 

As important as the US, Canada, and Europe are for OnePlus, there's one market that the company has yet to tap into with their latest handset - India. However, OnePlus is finally changing that with the announcement that the OnePlus 3T will be heading to the country on Wednesday, December 14th. Rather than being sold directly through OnePlus's site, the OnePlus 3T will be offered exclusively through Amazon India. Both the 64GB and 128GB models will be available, with prices of Rs. 29,999 and Rs. 34,999 respectively.

Those prices are comparable to ones in the US, and its great to see that they didn't get hit with a giant price increase similar to what sometimes happens in these situations. While the OnePlus 3T might be the most expensive device that OnePlus has sold so far, it's also the most powerful one. The display, rear camera, and overall design might be the same, but the Snapdragon 821, 16MP front camera, and 3400 mAh battery are all worthy upgrades.

The phone will officially be available at 12:01 AM IST on December 14th through Amazon India, so keep an eye out if you're interested!

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