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The Nokia RD-3 - an LTE network capable modem

The Nokia RD-3 - an LTE network capable modem
Internet has become a vital part of our lives and they are intertwined to such an extent that things like "newly weds met on the Internet" is no news at all, let alone make headlines. Being a fully functional cell of today´s social organism relates not only to fast connectivity, but getting connected while on the run, i.e. mobility. Hence all the hype over new standards for high-speed mobile networks like LTE that are to be deployed in certain countries as soon as the end of 2010.

Of course, you will need the necessary equipment to take advantage of the new mobile broadband technologies. Say, a modem like the Nokia RD-3. Buying it is still rather pointless, since there is no single, functional LTE network yet, so it seems it´s nor intended for the mass market, but rather, to allow proper test setups when the new technology becomes available next year. We do not have pictures of the device or information on its pricing (the small image in the upper left corner is not of the Nokia RD-3). We hope the LTE networks take the world by storm and soon, because downloading HD movie while you´re on the run takes ages and feels like a proper Middle Ages torture.

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