The LG Lotus 2 rolls out January, equipped with external touch screen?

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The LG Lotus 2 rolls out January, equipped with external touch screen?
We reviewed the LG Lotus back in February and found out it packed a decent set of features under its slightly odd-looking face. It seems the square-shaped device has proved to be a market success, because its successor is rolling out at the beginning of 2010. According to MobileCrunch reader, we may see the LG Lotus 2 as soon as the coming January (might come out under a different name though). Supposedly, the cell phone will come with the overall functionality of its predecessor, but add on bonus features. The same source claims the handset will support microSD cards with capacity of up to 32GB (the Lotus gets up to 12GB ones) and sport an external touch sensitive screen. Unfortunately, this is pretty much all we know about the LG Lotus 2, so if you happen to have information or pictures of the device, do share them with us at

source: MobileCrunch



1. jmm19921992

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i had this phone (LG lotus) for a few days before getting the rant. I liked it except for the dimensions! which is why i went to the rant. If sprint/lg would make the dimensions different (perhaps a bit longer and not as wide) id get the lotus 2. Touch screen on the front sounds great as well. this phone has alot of potential but my first critique is to change those dimensions!

2. behold--me

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