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Tear-down of the Dell Streak reveals its treasure trove of hardware

Tear-down of the Dell Streak reveals its treasure trove of hardware
Granted though it might not have been able to muster up a decent following, especially when other high profiled smartphones launched relatively at around the same time, its recent tear-down by the team over at iFixit revealed some interesting things about the handset. First and foremost, it apparently doesn't seem too difficult in taking apart the handset – which should be great when it comes down getting repairs done on it. Additionally, it sports a steel foundation which provides some durability to the device and should protect its innards from from the daily wear and tear most users dish out. Aside from finding the non-user replaceable 2GB microSD card, we find that the Dell Streak includes a Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, analog device ADV7520 low power HDMI/DVI transmitter, Hynix H8BES0UU0MCR NAND-based MCP, Qualcomm MXU6219 RF transceiver, Qualcomm PM7540 power management chip, TriQuint Semiconductor TQS 7M5012 Power Amp, and a TI TPS 65023 integrated Power Management IC. Some would still gawk at the $550 no-contract price it sports, but when you factor in the hardware it employs under the hood, it does justify some of its pricing. However, most consumers would probably overlook those items and solely rely on a comparison to the pricing found with the iPad.

via jkOnTheRun

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