TI OMAP 5 reference platform packs a graphical punch

TI OMAP 5 reference platform packs a graphical punch
The way we experience a smartphone, we usually focus on the software platform, but the real backbone of every device remains the hardware and we can’t hide our excitement when looking at the future of mobile chips, such as this latest demonstration of the Texas Instruments’ OMAP 5 chip.

The TI OMAP 5 focuses on great graphical performance, and a demonstration showcasing its visual prowess is running on Android skinned with SPB’s 3D Shell. A 3D carousel of active screens is spinning around smoothly with a mirrored display showing 1080p video at 60 fps, and if that’s not too impressive for you, imagine that you could have this same chip in your car beam different HD movies to the backseat screens and maps to your main driver’s display.

Another device runs benchmarks showing how a tablet with TI OMAP 5 outperforms the “market leader” (cough, iPad, cough?) by more than 10%. All of that and others are demonstrated below. And here are the technical details of what the new platform offers:
The real question however is when do we see this in real devices and the answer seems to be the very near future. Texas Instruments is planning to have the chip in gizmos by the end of the year.

source: SlashGear


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