T-Mobile's “All Smartphones Free” promotion is good today & tomorrow only

T-Mobile's “All Smartphones Free” promotion is good today & tomorrow only
Just a friendly reminder if you’ve been hiding underground for the better part of the last week, but T-Mobile’s “All Smartphones Free” promotion for Valentine’s Day is now a go – but it’s running today and tomorrow only!

Jogging your memory, T-Mobile’s special promotion places all their lovely smartphones on their lineup at the easy to expense price of free with your signature on a contract. Not only do new customers get treated to this, but existing customers with eligible upgrades can also take advantage of this limited time offer. However, not every store is participating with this sale – so be sure to call ahead to verify. Furthermore, you still might have to whip out some money at the register, but it’ll come back to you in the form of a mail-in-rebate.

Now that you’ve got until Saturday night to come up with a decision, you’d better think quick because it’s not every day that you see all their smartphones going for the sale price of free.

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1. JeffdaBeat unregistered

I have such a crush on the T-Mobile girl...

2. Samuel/Treyster unregistered

Hah. Feel you there bro. She's good looking in that beautiful sort of way rather than uh.....*ahem* Skank. T-Mobile can do without pink being plastered everywhere though. Once Valentines Day is over.

3. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

What a pathetic promotion. I think at some point...T-Mobile is going to start giving customers cash to sign up with their service.

4. tchpioneer84 unregistered

Pathetic? i think your the one thats pathetic how is giving things for free after rebate pathetic. When a company can be unselfish in lowering the price of the phones so their upgrading and new customers have a chance for a better phone is amazing. What other company isn't holding their pockets tight and treating there customers or even new customers with a good deal like that.. accusing other companies of being pathetic just because you personally feel jealous of how everyone else is paying 20$ less than you a month AND being able to get the best phones for free makes you not only a pathetic moron but a sorry human being. your thoughts in this website are less than helpful..."i think T-mobile""... yea lets stop right there you obviously are in the wrong company and we really don't care what you think because if you were smarter you wouldn't be were u are today and hating on other companies that aren't yours. If your company sucks go tell it to somebody who cares stop being a TROLL..

5. billcrogenz unregistered

It is a good promo, however it is a REBATE, you got to pay 199.99 first plus tax then they send you the money in 5 weeks..

6. Blue77777777 unregistered

I would even take these phone for free. the better deal is buying at full retail and going with the even more plus plans, saving you $20 a month in the long run...but people want free now

7. Blue77777777 unregistered

Correction : i mean. i would not take these phone for free

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