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T-Mobile version of the ZTE F160 passes by the FCC

T-Mobile version of the ZTE F160 passes by the FCC
The ZTE F160 has been available from AT&T for quite a while now, marketed as the AT&T F160, but it looks like T-Mobile is about to get its own version of the device as well. The budget-friendly feature phone has just been spotted at the FCC, and the fact that it now can run on AWS frequencies makes it a perfect match for T-Mobile's wireless network.

There isn't much that the ZTE F160 can impress us with as it is nothing but an entry-level cellphone. Nevertheless, it offers 3G connectivity of up to 3.6 Mbps so one would be able to go online, check their email, and maybe look something up using the device's presumably stripped off Internet browser. The handset also has a 3.5-millimeter earphone socket and a microSD card slot so it can be used as a portable media player as well.

Unfortunately, some of the F160's specs have been downgraded when compared to its AT&T version. Most notably, the 3-megapixel camera has been replaced with a 2-megapixel shooter, and the 900 mAh battery has been ditched in favor of a smaller, 820 mAh cell. There doesn't seem to be any other differences in terms of hardware specs, at least not any that we can spot, yet there isn't much left that can be taken away from a feature phone of this caliber.

source: FCC

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