T-Mobile to increase per minute overage charge

T-Mobile to increase per minute overage charge
Everywhere you turn carriers are constantly outdoing one another to win the business of US consumers. There's both a good and bad side to this – the competition can be viewed as a healthy thing for all. For T-Mobile though, it may not look too pretty if they plan on executing a new policy that may increase overages if customers go over their allowed minutes. The rumor is that customers are getting mail notifications stating that T-Mobile is planning on increasing the per minute overage charge starting September 1. No clarification has been made as to which specific customers are going to be affected by this new change. If you are currently on a single line rate plan under $59.99, an increase to $0.45 will be implemented if you go over. All other single line plans will go up to $0.40. T-Mobile still hasn't released concrete information about this new policy change. One positive thing worthy to note is that anyone affected by this can cancel or leave without having to pay for an ETF fee. Maybe it might not be so bad after all – it'll place you in control of the situation and hopefully have the leverage.

via TmoNews

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