T-Mobile to increase per minute overage charge

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T-Mobile to increase per minute overage charge
Everywhere you turn carriers are constantly outdoing one another to win the business of US consumers. There's both a good and bad side to this – the competition can be viewed as a healthy thing for all. For T-Mobile though, it may not look too pretty if they plan on executing a new policy that may increase overages if customers go over their allowed minutes. The rumor is that customers are getting mail notifications stating that T-Mobile is planning on increasing the per minute overage charge starting September 1. No clarification has been made as to which specific customers are going to be affected by this new change. If you are currently on a single line rate plan under $59.99, an increase to $0.45 will be implemented if you go over. All other single line plans will go up to $0.40. T-Mobile still hasn't released concrete information about this new policy change. One positive thing worthy to note is that anyone affected by this can cancel or leave without having to pay for an ETF fee. Maybe it might not be so bad after all – it'll place you in control of the situation and hopefully have the leverage.

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1. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

This is not unreasonable... inflation, employee salary increases, cost of living increases, etc. Why is it everytime a wireless company says that costs are increasing people freak out and say it is because they are greedy bastards... Stupid people want everything and they want it for nearly nothing, and how dare it inconvenience them. Granted technology progressively improves and subsequently the infrastructure is cheaper, but labor will always increase with inflation. If you have a problem with the increase in per minute fees... i have a brilliant idea for you... CHANGE YOUR PLAN TO AVOID YOUR OVERAGE!!!!! MORON!!!! Every carrier provides at least 3 ways to check you minutes, and change your plan accordingly... If you are the sole user, you know when/if you use your phone more than normal... if you have a family with stupid teenagers who don't keep track of their minutes, or are just mindless users who don't care how much they use... IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT! THEY LEARNED THAT BEHAVIOR FROM YOU THE PARENT!!!!! NOT FROM TV OR RADIO!!!! Teach them responsibility, get some of your own, and own up to the problem and blame that ugly face you see in the mirror every morning. Good for you T-Mobile

2. jsnika

Posts: 16; Member since: Jul 23, 2008


3. shimmyx20

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4. Fair&Balanced

Posts: 31; Member since: Jul 29, 2009

So why not explain why it is NOT GREEDY for a company to require you to have a plan, where you may waste a hundred minutes a month unused? And then charge you a FORTUNE if you use 50 minutes too many every six months? Face it, the plans are required becasue companies know their service sucks so bad they cant keep customers any other way, and this goes for satellite TV, any company that requires you to get locked in so you can't escape. NO REASON AT ALL to milk you more than the per minute rate of your plan for overages, now, is there? Damn stupid employees.

5. theman10

Posts: 93; Member since: May 16, 2009

Whoa, good parenting...psycho.

6. j.naueattrep

Posts: 24; Member since: Jul 19, 2009

Switch to at&t and keep 'em.

7. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Changing up and down is cheaper... it just requires a little extra attention... like say 20 minutes a month to check your account 3 days before your cycle closes, "Oh Look, I went over, let me change my plan for 5 minutes... DONE!!! and have Customer Service change your plan back starting the next month.. DONE!!!" WOW i am sooo exhausted for taking all that time and effor... i think i will take a nap.

8. WKlingbeil

Posts: 215; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

Wow, you're not overreacting. Just one of the typical consumers who thinks that companies shouldn't make a profit, all organizations should be charities, so you can save a couple dimes a month. If you don't like the contracts or the minute overages, quit signing contracts saying that you're okay with them. Ever heard of a thing called prepay? Or, you can buy a full retail priced phone (I'm sure someone like you would enjoy paying $300 for a new phone instead of the free ones), and you're not locked in! I'm sure you're the type of person that goes into a wireless store, and thinks you should get a free phone whenever you want, because of course, it doesn't cost anything to manufacture these phones. Yeah, we give free phones without contracts, because that's a real smart business move. Wireless companies have contracts because of phone subsidies, do some research before you call yourself, "fair and balanced."

9. Fair&Balanced

Posts: 31; Member since: Jul 29, 2009

Well, WKlingbeil, you show yourself to be an idiot! A complete, laughingstock moron! How, you ask? You say that you "are SURE that (I) am the type of person that goes into a wireless store and thinks (I) should get a free phone..." Well, little mind with probably even lower income and social standing, I have a fully paid for Nokia, not offered by any carrier in the US. So now that you have proven you have no concept of who you are speaking with, or what the heck you are talking about, explain once and for all why it is fair to not pay a contract holder 40 cents for each minute he does not use, but it is fair to charge him 40 cents for extra minutes? And why it would not be more fair just to charge him his per minute rate for overage minutes, if it is not greed. And thank your lucky stars there are jobs like cell agents that can handle uneducated, unthinking persons like yourself. Even if the jobs don't pay enough to let you buy a car and house or rise into a decent social position. Also, be aware that some day you will grow up and realize your dedication to an employer is going to be repaid by a layoff or other type of separation that will reveal your youthful foolishness.

10. WKlingbeil

Posts: 215; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

I'm not sure why I am continuing this, you are most certainly beneath me, but I suppose I will divulge your idiocy. Now that YOU have proven you have no concept of who you are speaking with, as I don't work for TMobile, i work for Verizon, and not for much longer at that. I'm sure you feel that you're successful in life, spending your free time on a frivolous forum about cell phones, spreading your socialist cry baby attitude about how companies are allowed to make profits, basing your life's standings on money, and I am truly happy to see people such as yourself losing your homes, your jobs, and your families during times like these. I am actually finishing school right now working for VZW, and since you want to talk about "social standing," I suppose you consider yourself a "cool" guy spending your free time on this, again, frivolous forum. I get on while at work during down time, because I do enjoy laughing at complete idiots such as yourself. Greedy? Cry me a river, it's called free enterprise, and as I told your dumb ass, if you don't like it, don't get postpay. Get your cheap ass a prepay phone like every 80 year old whiner, so companies don't have to hear your complaining about "greediness." How hysterical is it, that as you're basing your life on income and money, you complain that companies base their success on money. You are the exact same as these companies, but you're a FAILURE at what you consider success, because the wireless companies are actually good at making money. How many millions do you make? Oh, maybe I should be asking thousands. There are so many hypocrisies in your statement, that it's sickening, and perhaps you may want to get an edumacation before calling people idiots. Oh, and by the way, yes I am youthful, I'm 22. What does that say for you? 35 years old, no wife, sitting on a cell phone forum with all of your "social position" and "income." You make me sick.

11. WKlingbeil

Posts: 215; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

Oh, one last little statement before I call it a day. Isn't it quite interesting how you were presented with facts, and you responded with the typical pseudo-intellectual attempt to offend with personal attacks. You have no base for your opinion, simply a cry baby attitude that companies shouldn't be allowed to make profits, and we should run our country like any nancy-boy nation in Europe. If you don't like free-enterprise, go to Canada, I'm sure they'd love your educated opinions that you can't defend.

12. Fair&Balanced

Posts: 31; Member since: Jul 29, 2009

So you are saying you can't defend your assertion that charging more for overage minutes than in your plan minutes is not greed? I guessed as much.

13. WKlingbeil

Posts: 215; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

I personally don't care if it's greed or not. You can't defend that your beliefs are the typical crybaby socialist beliefs that thinks morons that can't conduct business in a successful manner should be equal to those who know what they're doing. It's called business, which is why I'm sure you're not a CEO, or any position of any regard period, because you clearly don't understand the principle of business. Your definition of greed is ridiculous, because it is a synonym for profitability. Guess what? 200+ million customers understand that minute overages are profitability, and are simply a fact of the wireless industry. I'm sure you also think that retail markup for products is greed too then, because you can pay 2x the amount of the exact same product at Publix or Randall's as compared to Wal-Mart. Perhaps you missed freshman economics, so I'll forgive you, but the most basic principle of a business is................. PROFITS! Amazing isn't it? Money actually keeps businesses afloat? Greed is a bank that finances these ridiculous loans that people shouldn't have that blow up in their face. Greed is Bernard Madoff or any other scheme that CHEATS people out of money. A cellular company has minute allowances for a reason, because they can't handle the bandwidth of a landline carrier. If there were no overage charges, no plan allowances, people would BLOW UP their cell phones, and the networks would crash, because they're getting cheap, almost unlimited calls. You clearly have no understanding of the wireless industry, which is obvious through your comments. So, for example, your idea of charging customers' per minute rates over their allowance: the lowest plan VZW has available is 450 minutes @ 39.99, it's standard overage rate is $.45/min. Well, on your math, that's $.09/min, 5x less than the standard overage. So that gives people 5x the capacity for going over and paying just as much. Let's say... 50% of the customer base uses that, we'll say 40 million people. Do you know what 40 million*5 is? 200 million more of even just 1 minute is still 200 million minutes. As I said, do your research before you call yourself, "Fair & Balanced." Consider instead, uneducated and big mouthed. And again, you make me sick.

14. scared unregistered

Too expensive

15. Frazzled unregistered

To the person who thinks its fair, fine and dandy for people to have to pay per minute overage but NOT have their bill reduced when under or at the very least have roll over minutes -get real. I understand businesses are in business to make money and I don't object to that -when it is done FAIRLY. But phone plans are designed to benefit the company more than the consumer and it isn't a fair deal. The proof of that are these plans that do not allow roll over minutes or reduce in the bill for any unused minutes yet they charge a small fortune for going over. And the person who thinks you can change your plan for a few days at the end of the billing cycle and then change it back again -WRONG. Any changes to your plan do not go into effect until the NEXT billing cycle so if you see you are coming up short on minutes and still have a few days left to go -TOUGH LUCK, you are going to get screwed big time if you need your phone during that time. Your only option is to QUIT and go with a new company to avoid racking up any more minutes.

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