T-Mobile to get a couple of Samsung phones next month

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T-Mobile to get a couple of Samsung phones next month
We first heard about the T919 back in August, but now TmoNews reports that it is now called the Behold. It looks as a wide version of the European F480, and we guess it packs a 3.2” 240x400 pixels display, just as the AT&T’s Eternity and the Pixon. Key feature will be the 5MP camera, as well as the touch design. We can notice that the software is similar to that of the Pixon and the F480, with Widgets on the homescreen, but we’ve no idea if it will support DivX and XviD video playback. It is expected to launch on November 10, 2008 at a price of $150 with a contract.

A week later, on November 17, T-Mobile is expected to launch another Samsung, the Gravity. It looks as the GSM cousin of the Sprint’s Rant, which we recently reviewed, being a non-smart phone with side-sliding QWERTY. It will feature 1.3MP camera, stereo Bluetooth, microSD slot and will be available in either Lime with Gray or Aqua with White colors. Expect the price to be low.

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1. unregistered


7. unregistered

maybe the Gravity is, if you dont like that sorta thing but the Behold is far from garbage.

27. unregistered

i think that both phones are awesome! except that the gravity is ugly in white.

2. unregistered

why is tmobile worthy of this "behold"???? or the G1????? why why why ? lol.

3. okieneck

Posts: 2; Member since: Aug 13, 2008

Not sure what company you are with, but T-Mobile is not a bad carrier.. I had them for 6 years, since they showed up in America, and was very happy with them...

4. unregistered

then obviously thats the only carrier you've had. switch to vzw and tell me how you feel about t mobile service

10. unregistered

"was very happy with them ?" so does that mean you recently got smart and got rid of them ?

29. BA unregistered

I love T-mobile. I used to have Verizon and even worked for them. Verizon does have good service in the boonies but they have terrible customer service and they pay their employess like crap. That is why employees are always mad when you walk in the stores. They don't get paid enough to be happy with their job...speaking from experience!

36. mitch unregistered

ive had both, verizon than t-mobile where i live t-mobile is much better

5. unregistered

T-mobile service is great where I am. There are always going to be dead spots for every major carrier, yes even vzw. If one of the big four can offer me more for less than the others I'll choose them. It's that simple. If the Storm turns out to be a great device than I will probably try Verizon. I might also switch to AT&T for the Nokia Tube, if they get it. My point is having loyalty in a company that you are paying for service is absolutely ridiculous. T-mobile getting some real phones is a great thing for everybody but obviously more so for T-mo customers. The more competition the better. That's a lot of phone for 150!

26. unregistered

but most nokia express music's have went to t-mobile so it will most likely stay unlocked or go to them

34. rj04 unregistered

I'ver heard the NAM version will have 850 and not 1700mhz so it would only be an edge phone on T-Mobile.

6. unregistered

It all depends on what carrier works best in your area. I had VZW for 5 years and had a good experience with them except they were more expensive. I've had T-Mo the past 4 years and have had a good experience with them. VZW is not offered in my area (guess that will change since they're buying Alltel) so I went with a carrier that is offered in my area with the best reception. My other alternatives are Sprint (no thanks), Alltel (non-GSM), US Cellular (don't care about them). I don't think VZW is real interested in Android because they wouldn't have as much control over their phones as they currently do. Disabling bluetooth is inexcusable in my opinion.

12. unregistered

That "disabling bluetooth" comment has been beat to death already. People have complained since 2004. Get over it. Find a legitimate argument. When you're on the top people look for a reason to try to put you down. It's the liberal way.

21. unregistered

Ah, the old VZW company line...."If you don't like something we do, get over it." Good stuff.

8. Eddy M unregistered

In Case you didnt kno....TMO won the JD Power Assoc. Award 7 YEARS IN A ROW!!

11. unregistered

for customer service.....-clapping-...... which means nothing when you cant get a signal in most areas. tmobile does give you more minutes for less money , but are by far the last choice for people who actually have a credit score....

13. unregistered

When everything else about your company sucks, you have to have good customer service people to convince customers to stay. Looks like they're losing that now too. Sucks to be TMO.

17. unregistered

Verizon Sucks had them all and by far tmobile is just as good. Travel from az to ill alot and tmobile service is better...... Drove with both phones and tmobile had more signals in more places. Verizon sucks not worth there weight in gold.........

9. unregistered

I think that this is great for Tmobile, they are actually getting some good phones. But the only thing that sucks is that they lock the applications from using the internet. I would totally got the Behold(F480) but i wont be able to use google maps or opera mini.

14. unregistered

Just pay them for a more reliable service. Oh wait. This is T-Mobile we're talking about. NM. They won't have a reliable service.

15. unregistered

T-Mobile is the BEST Service in the ENTIRE PLANET!!! All the Haterz are just SCARED so they make HAteFul Obscene Comments because they are Little and Insignificant. HA!@!!!!!

16. unregistered

As was mentioned earlier, different carriers are better in different areas. I've had T-mobile for over 4 years and I have amazing service in Arizona. There have been several incidents where I have had signal and people with AT&T and Verizon have not. I'm not saying that T-mobile is better than other carriers, just that they are on the same level as the others.

18. wisner unregistered

verizon wouldnt be more expensive if they dont have the best service. ive had tmobile, cingular and verizon. verizon is the best in terms of coverage and customer service. i travel most of the time either by plane and land to different states, ive never had any trouble with my reception. i wouldnt mind having NO roll over minutes bec i get to use my minutes whenever i want to. tmobiles cust service is excellent too but there are a lot of dead spots and i got garbled text messages all the time. atts service is the worst. yes they have the less dropped calls bt u could never make a call in most places. i guess sprint is at par with att for worst cust service. they will terminate you if you keep calling their customer service.

19. Jyakotu unregistered

Can we just agree that GSM > CDMA? Seriously, AT&T and T-Mobile has wider coverage than Verizon and Sprint. Not only that, but they can roam internationally.

22. unregistered

Nope, we can't agree on that. I'll give you the international roaming thing (although you can get devices capable of that on Sprint or Verizon if you need it), but the wider coverage statement is just plain false.

30. unregistered

Yeah, but how many people actually travel internationally more than just a little vacation here or there? Legitimate business people are the only ones who deserve a world-capable phone. Little rich kids don't. I think we need to get rid of cell phones and the internet and go back to a time when people had to learn to be self-reliant. If you can't pass the test of self-reliance, you aren't allowed to carry a cell phone, subscribe to internet services, or own a computer. Make kids learn to read a book, not the computer screen with internet information that is probably incorrect. Make them learn to change a car tire instead of just calling roadside assistance. Make them get off their fat butts and walk around outside. Technology is the cancer that will kill us all.

32. Armo unregistered

arent u a bit of a freak?

20. unregistered

Verizon is a POS company! Dumped them along time ago for GSM. Now VZW wants to charge ESPN 3 cents to send a text message to your phone...greedy bastards. Just eat it VZW fan boys and girls...you will never be global!

23. unregistered

Actually, that's kinda wrong. And trust me, I'm no VZW fanboy. But when they do the LTE upgrade, they will be global.

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