T-Mobile rescinds fee for paper statements

T-Mobile rescinds fee for paper statements
Last month, T-Mobile announced that it would start charging a fee to customers who wanted a hard copy of their monthly statement. This was a way to get many accounts to agree to paperless billing. Well, after further review (it is opening weekend for the NFL after all), the ruling on the field has been reversed. Figuring out that not every customer with a cellphone has or can afford to have a computer, especially after shelling out for the TP2, T-Mobile has rescinded the fee and we can see the smile on the faces of the lumberjacks.

The nation's fourth largest carrier couldn't just change their mind without getting in a few self-serving words edgewise: "Since the announcement, we've heard everything from kudos to concerns about the move to paperless-especially from our customers who today are receiving paper bills at no charge. So we've decided to not charge our customers a paper bill fee for now. Instead, we'll be taking more time to determine the fairest way possible to encourage people to go paperless." We could suggest that instead of a fee for getting a paper statement, how about a discount for those who go paperless? Instead of penalizing those still getting a monthly bill in the mailbox, it would reward those who have changed with the times. While it sounds almost like the same thing as the original proposal, there is a big difference. Think about it.

source: T-MobileForums via BGR



1. lennydude

Posts: 23; Member since: Jun 06, 2009

The never ending thirst for profits! One day soon.............probably sooner than later...............the public will fight back.

2. dbb10001

Posts: 9; Member since: Apr 16, 2009

This is a consumer victory; as the well-written post mentions, T-Mobile's backing-down comes as a response to angry reactions from customers. For those who are tired of constantly being overcharged by cell companies via these kinds of surcharges and gimmicks, it's clear that there can be relief. And why stop here after getting T-Mobile to play a little more fairly? I work for the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website,http://www.fixmycellbill.com. Put simply, Validas guards against frivolous and unnecessary charges that inflate your cell bill more than it should be for your usage. You can find out for free if fixmycellbill.com can modify your plan to better suit your needs by going to the website. For more info, check out Validas in the media, most recently on Fox News athttp://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/consumer/conlaw/lower_cell_phone_bills_072409 . Good luck to everyone reading on cutting your wireless costs. Dylan Consumer Advocacy, fixmycellbill.com

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