T-Mobile introduces new calling plans and prices

T-Mobile introduces new calling plans and prices
T-Mobile has started to take the darkness out of Project Dark. The nation's fourth largest carrier has announced a new set of calling plans and prices that are pretty close to the leaked figures we passed on to you. T-Mobile will divide its' plans into two distinct categories: Even More, and Even More Plus. The 'Even More' plan requires you to sign a 2 year contract and rewards you with a subsidized phone. Prices range from $59 per month to $99 monthly for those who want unlimited voice, text and web.

The 'Even More Plus' offering from the carrier starts with a monthly charge of $49 and runs up to $79 a month for unlimited everything. With this plan there is no contract to sign, but there is also no subsidy on the handset you buy which means shelling out big bucks for those hot handsets. (Don't forget that part of Project Dark was rumored to be the availability of the Nokia N900, and there is talk of the ultra-sexy HTC HD2 coming to T-Mobile in the first quarter 2010). Speaking of the phones, T-Mobile is offering an installment plan called FlexPay for those who want an expensive model but can't afford it. FlexPay is available for both the 'Even More' and 'Even More Plus' plans. For the former, the subsidized price is paid off in 4 installments with no interest charges. For example, a $150 myTouch 3G would cost $37.50 a month for 4 months. With the latter plan, the unsubsidized phone's price is divided into as many as 20 equal monthly installments with no interest. With this program, the same myTouch 3G device would cost you $25 a month for 20 months. So even though there is no contract for the 'Even More Plus' plan, you are still liable to pay off your phone for the entire 20 month period-even if you walk away from the calling plan.

While most customers really count on the subsidy to get that handset they really, really want, with the 'Even More Plus' plan, you are paying $20 less monthly for your service but you are paying full price for the handset. With the my Touch 3G, you are paying $500 against the subsidized price of $150. After 18 months of paying $20 less for your calling plan, the difference in the price of the phone has been paid off in this example, and after that the $20 you save each month goes right into your pocket. So the way to see if you benefit from the 'Plus' is to look at the difference in subsidized and un-subsidized price of the phone you are buying. Divide the difference by $20 and that will give you the number of months it will take you to pay off the difference in the handset's price. For every month afterward that you remain a T-Mobile customer, that is a $20 savings to you and remember, there is no contract. For those who can do the math, this is one of those rare times that paying more for a phone can actually put some money in your pocket.

source: T-Mobile via EngadgetMobile

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