T-Mobile gets Samsung T729 and T419

This article contains unofficial information.
T-Mobile gets Samsung T729 and T419
We got the first information and real images of two new GSM phones which will be available with T-Mobile USA. The two new Samsungs are positioned in different levels – the one is a messaging oriented device, while the other is an entry-level.

The Samsung SGH-T729 should replace the not-so-successful T719 chunky candybar. This one is a slider, with more fashionable look, using black and saturated red colors for the housing. It brings SureType hybrid keyboard and BlackBerry Connect to the slider form factor. The display has resolution of 176x220 pixels (262k colors), and the camera is 1.3-megapixel.

Samsung SGH-T419 is simple clamshell with integrated antenna. Its internal display has resolution of 128x160 pixels and 65k colors while the external is grayscale. The camera is VGA (0.3 megapixels) and a nice feature is the Bluetooth.

Still, none of the phone is officially announced by either Samsung or T-Mobile, but the logo on the housings shows that this is the carrier.

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1. "Jay84Virgo" Jeremy unregistered

These are two GARBAGE phones! Why is T-Mobile waisting its time with these basic non-attractive looking handsets. I have never seen such a poor selection of handsets on any other network other than T-Mobile. Get some REAL phones already....Its 2007!!!!

2. Lucas unregistered

Ok ima admit the second phone is horrible. But the first phone looks great for a small phone. not every wants a fully functional smartphone. Plus T-mobile has plenty of great phones like the dash, the wing, the pearl, blackberry 8800, and the sidekick was a hit for the younger group.SOmething like this is good, because its small, has a cameram and doesnt cost much. So befor you try to talk ****, do ya research.

3. espressoboi unregistered

You have to understand that the market base is not just for those wanting extreme cutting edge products that they pay way too much for, only to have prices slashed as some kind of karmic touché months later. Tmobile is well-rounded, in-touch and manages just fine in providing the best customer service 5 years in a row. And let's just say other networks have horrible looking chunks of hi-impact plastic from the way the 80's could be relived going on right now. I guess we all have our highlights though.

4. "Jay84Virgo" Jeremy unregistered

T-Mobiles superb customer service is all it has going for it at the moment. Taking exclusive products off of the market "worth having" (Samsung T809) and replacing them with a stupid Samsung T629 that isn't half of what the T809 was isn't exactly innovative. Even T-Mobile's high-end products are lacking when they compare to other Carriers selections. The Wing lacks an upgraded CPU which makes WM6 useless on it. The Dash's CPU is slow compared to Motorola's Q & the Blackberry Pearl is just the 1st step in the correct direction for a taste of multimedia experience. And the "Sidekick"??? C'mon you can't possibly be serious? T-Mobile needs to step its game up if it wants to compete in the big boy's league, especially when the "iPhone" is released, otherwise, they're gonna start to loose its customers regardless of it's excellent customer service.

5. Smerff unregistered

If you'd really done your research you would know that all cell phone's will have to be unlocked at 2009 at the lateset, meaning this single company carrying a single phone brand thing is almost over. Well done on proving how much you "know" and how great your research is.

6. Gary Ewing unregistered

The Iphone is a flop. Oh well.

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