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T-Mobile ad attacks AT&T for having slow pipes

T-Mobile ad attacks AT&T for having slow pipes
T-Mobile has been using AT&T as a whipping boy in the carrier's new ads. You might have seen the Frankenstein monster spot or the commercial with the man encased in ice. Now T-Mobile has produced a commercial that shows a visual representation of a carrier's network that is sure to stick in the mind of Apple iPhone 5 users, who are the target of the ad.

The spot shows two large pipes. One, labeled with the T-Mobile insignia, is gushing out a magenta colored substance that represents data. The other pipe shows a blue liquid barely trickling out while the voice over announcer talks about overcrowded networks slowing down the delivery of data. The bottom line? T-Mobile says that its network offers 50% more bandwidth than other carriers, allowing data to flow freely through its pipeline, allowing the Apple iPhone 5 to be used with its full potential. And while AT&T is not mentioned by name, there is no mistaking T-Mobile's choice of using a blue color for the slow moving data dripping out of the other pipe.

We bet you will never look at your toilet in the same way.

source: T-Mobile via TmoNews
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