T-Mobile Wing replaces the MDA

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T-Mobile Wing replaces the MDA
It seems that T-Mobile ended offering the MDA PocketPC phone but its replacement is in the works. It isn’t very impressive, still 2G with the same rather slow processor (TI OMAP at 200Mhz) and similar design, but adding Windows and OK keys and spring assistance for the slider. Like other new HTC’s Pocket PCs, this one will run on Windows Mobile 6 Professional and will feature Function and Caps lights. It is said that the whole phone is covered in rubberized blue material for more convenient holding.

T-Mobile Wing is based on HTC Atlas and according to the sources is expected to launch around August.

Source: MyMobile911 via EngadgetMobile



1. Argonnj unregistered

What a stupid name.

2. KeMiCaL unregistered

WTF?? KFC, HEY NOW!! CAN YOU WING IT?? who the hell is their creative marketing director. GREAT NAME GUYS! (THUMBS UP'S).

3. Critic unregistered

They just shot themselves in the foot, I mean when the tytn already exists, whats the need for this piece of crap.

4. Brett unregistered

FUll featured Pocket PC, 2.0MP, with Windows MObile 6.0 Professional edition. HTML email, windows live, today screen resource management, a bit slimmer (only 5mm), with rubberized coating. Excellent upgrade from the MDA> the software needed improvement. Smart of T-Mobile not to go overboard with this device considering their next gen service will launch in 08. Best thing about T-Mobile is that their focus is services not devices. Cant wait to get mine ordered. MAY 22ND it will be available in all sales channels. ANd as for the name, who cares. Who is the idiot who will say "I dont want this phone because they named it the WING?"? I mean seriously, ima call mine Daisy anyway. LOL

5. q-45 unregistered

who gives a **** about the name???? Queers

6. NIk unregistered

Yay I've had the MDA for a year.. I found myself upgrading my phones every 3 months but when I bought the MDA I fell in love!! Definitely excited about the Wing the MDA needed an upgrade and it has arrived.. I'm gonna named mine Original Krispy Wing!

7. Rashawn S unregistered

I prefer the MDA over the Wing. The MDA has the side keys for the camera, comm manager, etc. It also has the keys on the top of the phone for internet explorer and text messaging etc. if you have the MDA I can't possibly see why you would spend the money to get the wing. MDA is more efficient-hands down. If you really want mobile 6.0, then download it or upgrade your phone and you've got what everyone has got.

8. Marie unregistered

Did a lot of research b4 i bought this phone, but still im disapointed, this is my 3rd and waiting for my 4th replacement. It keeps freezing so I have to reset and on occasions remove and replace the battery. I got this for my birthday on the 18th october, replaced the 26th october, 11th november and awaiting my next replacement due on the 28th nov..... and this was not on contract it was bought outright. T mobile says tough, they can only replace with the same 'wing'... needless to say im pi**ed....... had no fun so far with this brick.............

9. ruba unregistered

O! i think its a pretty good fone, if it has msn messenger too, thn m gunna buy it:)

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