Symbian getting Microsoft Apps in Q4, Office coming in 2012

Symbian Belle getting Microsoft productivity apps in Q4, Word, Excel and PowerPoint coming in 2012
We have to admit it, Nokia did well in making us believe that Symbian is a burning platform. That’s why we can totally understand some people’s understanding that the phone maker will turn its back on Symbian as soon as the first Windows Phone devices hit the market. But it seems that those statements have fired back hard at Nokia and it’s going to great lengths trying to convince everyone that Symbian is cool again with major updates like Symbian Belle and new devices.

The latest argument for Symbian? Microsoft productivity apps. The Microkia partnership seems to be giving its first fruitage on Symbian with Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, PowerPoint Broadcast, OneNote and Document Connection arriving in Q4 2011 on all newly announced Belle devices including the Nokia 700, 701 and the Nokia 600, as well as on those handsets eligible for the Belle update. Not a huge surprise knowing Nokia’s chief executive’s background running MS Office, is it? In 2012, the Office heavyweights - Word, Excel and PowerPoint - will arrive on Belle devices as well.

This seems like a double-edged move from Nokia as on one hand it’s a free Office suite, which is always welcome, while on the other it will help Symbian users get used to a Microsoft environment, and make a possible future transition to Windows Phone easier. Espoo has confirmed its intention to continue supporting Symbianat least until 2016, which is good news for the loyal users. At the same time, the first Nokia Windows Phone devices are expected to hit the market soon, and we’ve already seen the first leaks of a possible Nokia 703, looking much like the Sea Ray prototype spotted earlier. But back to Symbian - does the addition of Microsoft Apps makes a real difference for Symbian? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: Nokia Conversations

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