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Survey finds 1 in 5 teenagers have “sexted”

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Survey finds 1 in 5 teenagers have “sexted”
We live in a digital age where it can become increasingly hard to monitor the actions of children. Most parents are offered some control by wireless providers in the form of GPS tracking, limiting usage, and other services. But a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive has found an alarming 1 in 5 teens to have “sexted” - meaning they sent or received sexually explicit, nude, or partially bare photos through cell phone text messages or e-mail. They interviewed 655 teens aged 13 to 18 in April and found that most who have sexted sent photos to significant others. Still an 11 percent sent them to strangers while 80 percent of the teens that have sexted are under 18. On top of that, cyberbullying through either online or text messaging means are becoming more rampant. So parents really need to get in touch of the the cell phone habits of their kids.

via USA Today

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