'Super Mario Run' heads the Top Grossing category in the App Store already


Mere hours after its unveiling, Nintendo's Super Mario Run blockbuster climbed up the ladder to reach the top spot in the Top Grossing category of the App Store. 

Needless to say, it also tops the Free section chart, as it is free to play until 20 seconds into the fourth level. After that, the game is $9.99, which is on the steep side for a mobile game, but with 20 years of fame behind its back, this Italian plumber has earned his mettle. 

Apple will also stands to benefit from Nintendo's push into mobile, as it collects 30% of the App Store revenue in exchange for exposure to a billion iOS devices worldwide. The other title with Nintendo in the mix, Pokemon Go, is still high in the Top Grossing ranks, too, and the company has plenty of titles left to bring to mobile still.

source: AppleInsider

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