Storage limit to be removed with WebOS 1.3.5?

Storage limit to be removed with WebOS 1.3.5?
If you’ve owned a Palm Pre during its heyday over the summer, then you probably were downloading every single application available on the App Catalog. Although a good majority of those programs didn’t seem to be big winners, with a small percentage being considered app worthy, owners of the venerable WebOS handset didn’t need to worry about overloading their Pre’s with useless apps. Now that development for the WebOS has been made available for some time, Palm Pre and Pixi owners have been facing a dilemma that didn’t seem too problematic in the beginning – which is the cap on app installations on either WebOS devices. Apparently though, there are some confirmations through anonymous sources that the latest version 1.3.5 of WebOS will clear the way to allow as many applications to be installed on a device. So if you’re the type to literally download every single program made available on the App Catalog, then you may find this news somewhat eye opening. No other information has been revealed about what else the next version will offer – but expect it to land sometime in the next few weeks.

source: PreCentral via Engadgetmobile

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