Steve Jobs shows up for work at Apple on Monday?

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Steve Jobs shows up for work at Apple on Monday?
A Reuters reporter says that he saw Steve Jobs at Apple's headquarters on Monday. If correct, it would mean that the company's co-founder and CEO has possibly returned to work from health related issues right on schedule. Back in January, the man considered the visionary behind the iPhone announced that he was stepping down until June for health reasons. As we reported, reports circulated this past week that the pancreatic cancer survivor had a liver transplant two months ago. The reporter says that the 54 year old Jobs was wearing his usual attire, jeans and a black turtleneck sweater.

Jobs also was quoted on Monday in an Apple press release for the first time in many months. "Customers are voting, and the iPhone is winning," Jobs said in the statement. Apple had no comment on whether or not its CEO had returned to work, although in the past the company claimed that he had been involved in making decisions at Apple.

source: Yahoo



1. phoneguy

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really... who decides what can and cannot be posted. I have seen some pretty lewd crap on this website. The guys post was right on. WHO CARES!!!! this has nothing to do with phones.

2. vzw fanman

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i agree.

3. willieg3

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Hey PhoneArena. Thank you for deleting my post. I must have struck a nerve. Now I know not to talk bad about anything related to Apple because God forbid! P.S. - Just wondering do you know what time the CEOs from Blackberry are in the office this week? I was just wondering when the article on that is coming out...


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if it doesnt have to do with Apple then phonearena doesnt care....

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