Steve Ballmer doesn't plan on seeing Windows Phone 7 on tablets

Steve Ballmer doesn't plan on seeing Windows Phone 7 on tablets
As we continue to see mobile operating systems branch out from their traditional mediums to some others, the focus from what's being witnessed is that they are clearly making themselves starkly different from the regular desktop experience. Apple has the iPhone OS on the iPad, HP hopefully with webOS powered tablets, and RIM in the works with their own, it points to the versatility of mobile platforms on tablets. Everyone is in anticipation to finally seeing Windows Phone 7 in action come this fourth quarter, but Microsoft doesn't plan on foreseeing their brand spanking new platform move outside the phone box. During the Office 2010/Imagine Cup Awards ceremony, Steve Ballmer was in attendance and answered a question about Windows Phone 7 and said, “We're focused on putting Windows Phone 7 in phones, no plans for tablets.” Now this comes after the recent untimely death of the Courier – their slate like device that had some interesting concepts in regards to operation and presentation. Microsoft isn't a stranger when it comes to the tablet market – where they've been known to directly port their popular desktop operating systems. However, we've seen the success in utilizing mobile platforms on tablets as opposed to full fledged desktop operating systems. At this point it's anyone's guess as to what Microsoft has in store surrounding their future in the tablet market.

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