Square Enix-made Deadman's Cross RPG reaches iOS, has zombies in the cards

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Square Enix has published Deadman'sCross, a free-to-play card game with zombies on iOS. It's the secondgame in the "Cross" series, preceded by the anime andfantasy-themed Guardian's Cross. Those who played the first game knowwhat to expect, but the thematic change probably won't suit theirtaste.

The game can be played in a fewdifferent ways. People from the city of New Livingston will tell youtheir stories and give you jobs in the Last Drop bar. In the DeadmanDuels multiplayer mode, players can compete with each other online asundeads. Also, you can join a clan and play large-scale missions.There, members share the reward based on their contributions.

Deadman's Cross is made by people whoworked on the famous Final Fantasy series. Furthermore, a "hordeof world-class illustrators" has chalked up the gruesome zombiedesigns.

The game requires a constant internetconnection. The iPhone 4/4S,iPad 2, and iPad mini are recommended as a minimum for bestexperience.

Download Deadman's Cross: iOS

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