Sprint to potentially announce layoffs in January?

Sprint to potentially announce layoffs in January?
After a lengthy talk with Bob Brust, leading firm Pali Research is ready to predict that the third largest US carrier will shave jobs in order to protect its business.  Obviously, with any move of the stature that author Walter Piecyk is predicting, quarterly results are sure to be impacted, though he quickly added that it will put the company in a better position for 2009 and 2010. 

“With customer care in good shape, more flexible covenants in place anda planned layoff in January, CEO Dan Hesse has the financialflexibility and the organizational structure to make whatever moves hewants in order to stimulate growth," Piecyk said.  Though he believes that price plan reductions are still an option, Sprint was quick to dismiss the idea, with company spokesman James Fisher saying that price cuts are not likely at this point: "He [Bob Brust] strongly believes that we use every other tool to attractcustomers. It’s not to say we would never consider it, but notsomething that’s being actively discussed right now.”

Another piece of negative news for Sprint, but considering the carrier's staggering loss of one million customers in the last quarter alone, drastic changes from all aspects of the business seem to be the only available option to keep the company viable.

source: RCR Wireless



1. unregistered

Sprint!!!!!! Layoffs?!?!?! im so shocked!!!!!

14. unregistered

As a VZW employee I feel horrible for those people who will be getting laid off from both Sprint and ATT

2. cj unregistered

no sprint news is good news

3. unregistered

LMAO sprint is finished

16. NWC unregistered

Yea the news keeps getting worse for them, but they have a competent CEO and better plans and coverage than VZW and ATT. Ha and they aren't plagued by the Blackberry Storm.

19. unregistered

its sad that these people are losing thier jobs. #16. do you really think they have better coverage than VZW?

21. vzw fanman unregistered

haha lol. there is no way sprint has better coverage than at&t or verizon.

24. unregistered

their coverage is on par with vzw, thus being better than at&t...

4. unregistered

#3 u're a moron!!! And must be VZW idiots that needs a life. What is funny about people losing their job???

8. unregistered

*sigh* Go get some vaseline if your butthole hurts that bad.

5. unregistered

Verizon fans are all over Sprint news good or bad, when the company does come out of this mess they'll still be around

6. Jyakotu unregistered

My mother and sister are both with Sprint and they're doing their best to keep their customers. It's sad that people have to lose their jobs.

7. unregistered

lmao pwned and i have att loserville.

9. unregistered

#3 & #7 need to get off your mom's couch and get a job and maybe a family, then you'd understand that people losing their jobs isn't very funny. But I'm sure mommy will take care of you for the rest of your sorry pathetic little lives.

10. unregistered

#9 you need to get out of your parents basement, and then maybe youll understnad that getting pissed off at what some random person says on a forum is insane.

11. unregistered

Shouldn't you guys be in school? Grow up people. Job losses are bad for the economy and affects us all. We are all int the same boat. Do you think that if this recession turns into another big depression, VZW will not cut jobs?

12. unregistered

Do you think anyone cares what you say?

13. unregistered

You did, you replied.

15. unregistered

Lawl, owned.

17. unregistered

That makes no sense. I dont give a shit what your opinion is on the cell phone industry, keep up the cries for attention dipshit, maybe someday youll get it.

18. unregistered

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Having fun???!!!! Good! Your are so freaking awesome dude!!!!!!!! You should be on TV, SERIOUSLY. You have innate comedic abilities that deserve to be cultivated. I mean, WOW! You said owned, and didnt even spell lol right.

20. unregistered

lawl is another internet word...

28. unregistered

Wow ur so damn funny u said cultivated ha douchebag

22. unregistered

glad i work for an agent! this kind of insures my job even more!

23. unregistered

I must say that as a sales support specialist for sprint i am not worried about my job. We've been that our jobs are not in danger and the cuts would be from the more corporate level departments.

25. unregistered

i work for sprint. you have no idea what its like to work for a company that everyone at this point thinks is going under. we are fighting everyday to keep customers and keep our jobs and no body is looking at the facts. Right now Sprint is cheaper for data and text plans for family and individual plans. We may not have THE best phones, but sprint provides. There are going to be a lot of upset people IN janurary. We have the same coverage as Verizon (its the same network and we all share towers with each other) ATT and Tmobile have their good points and bad points in being GSM....bottom line is no body is perfect...Sprint just made bad choices and now they are trying to clean up the mess .....maybe the wrong way...but they are trying...

26. unregistered

umm..to that VZW rep..lol..you feel bad for ppl getting layed off..im still pissed you nikel n dime your customers as a ompany whole!..idiots!..never gonna go bak unless I have a million $$ in my wallet with an IV attahed!!

27. unregistered

I feel bad for all the people losing their jobs.. btw my mom has sprint, she has the instinct. i have comapred her service side by side my att iphone and sprints serice is on par. not to mention sprints unl everything for $99. not bad. there making alot of improvements..my 2cents

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