Sprint now lets prepaid carriers remove Sprint branding and bloat from phones

Sprint now lets prepaid carriers remove Sprint branding and bloat from phones
Good news for anyone on a Sprint mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), because Sprint has just announced a new program which will allow those MVNO prepaid carriers to remove Sprint branding and bloatware from select Android devices. The new program is called the Custom Branded Device Program, and it should not only make it faster for MVNOs to offer new handsets, but of course it may open up the option for branding and bloat from those prepaid carriers.

Currently, Sprint only offers three devices in this program: the LG Optimus G, LG Mach, and Sprint Flash, but there are expected to be several more offered by the end of the month. The new program will allow prepaid carriers to either offer white-label phones that have had branding and bloat removed, and also gives MVNOs access to Mobile ID and Mobile Zone.

Mobile ID allows MVNOs to offer packs including applications, widgets, ringtones, and wallpapers to users to make for easy customization. And, Mobile Zone is a messaging system, which allows the carrier to easily interact with users, and allows users to manage their accounts remotely. 

source: Sprint via Engadget


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