Sprint introduces two new unlimited plans, sunsets Unlimited Freedom

Sprint introduces two new unlimited plans, but there is a catch
The one simple all-you-can-eat Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan is now phased out and Sprint is replacing it with two new unlimited plans that are more complicated and a bit more expensive.

Here are your two new unlimited options:

  • Unlimited Basic: starts at $60/month
  • Unlimited Plus: starts at $70/month

The Unlimited Basic plan has the same price as the Unlimited Freedom one before it, but cuts hotspot allowance to 500MB and you can only stream standard definition video, and not HD quality. With this plan, you also get free Hulu and 5 gigs of roaming data for Canada and Mexico. If you want to add additional lines to it, the second line is $40/month, while all further line additions costs $20/month.

Then you have Unlimited Plus at $70/month, which does include HD video streaming, a whopping 15 gigs of mobile hotspot access, as well as free access to Hulu, music streaming service Tidal, and 10 gigs of roaming data for Canada and Mexico. Adding a second line costs $50, subsequent lines go for $30/month.

These two new plans will become your only options for unlimited data starting this Friday, July 13th.

Sprint argues that this change is for the better since people have different requirements for their plans: "We know people want more and more out of their wireless plans," Sprint Chief Commercial Officer Dow Draper said. "They have different needs."

source: Sprint
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