Sprint Instinct web-conference recap

Sprint Instinct web-conference recap
Sprint held a short, 50 minute web conference today to demonstrate again the upcoming Samsung Instinct phone. We did in-depth coverage on the device during the CTIA expo, but again here is a short recap of the most interesting information revealed during the conference:

1. The whole Instinct project was started a year ago and the whole device and user interface were built from the ground up.
2. The 3.1” screen on the Instinct is slightly smaller compared to the 3.5” on the iPhone and uses resistive (press-sensitive) and not capacitative (electricity sensitive) technology. Even though the samples we played with during the CTIA were prototypes, the screen was very responsive.
3. For access to Outlook information, the device supports OWA.
4. The battery capacity is 1100 mAh, which provides about 5 hours of talk time. For comparison, the average talk time in our phone database is 7 hours.
5. Android based devices to be expected in Q4
6. The interface and the device are exclusive to Sprint. There will be more devices with similar/customized interface in future
7. Instinct requires activation on a Sprint Everything unlimited data at $69.99 per month

Exact price or date available were not announced, but we expect to see it hit the shelves around June 20th.



1. unregistered

Who would listen to a 50 min lecture about a phone?

13. nikki unregistered

I listen to hour long web conferences about phones, features, accessories, and all of that. It comes with the job. And it's not a lecture. It's useful information along with questoins and answers.

2. unregistered

WTF??? 70 bucks a month required? That's a kick in the face.

3. unregistered

Considering that Sprint is financially bleeding to death, they need to money. They will probably try to keep some of their fleeing customers by offering this phone at a significantly reduced price and hope they can make up the cost in the service fees. However, make sure you're not roaming when you use it, else you'll be booted right off their Unlimited calling plan.

9. unregistered

If you pull 300 meg of data per month while roaming or 5 gig on network with this device, you need a life. The data caps are very generous and I doubt seriously that anyone with a PDA would ever even get close.

4. unregistered

the iphone has a data plan that is required as well so what difference does it make if sprint follows?

6. unregistered

The iphone with data is around 60 a month with a decent amount of minutes and unlimited data.

8. unregistered

the iphone plan only included data and 200 texts. the everything plans include data, ota contact management, gps and unlimited messaging.

23. unregistered

also its unlimited tecting, 450 minutes, nights free after 7, gps, picture/video messaging. unlimited tv,

5. unregistered

would i be able to use this when verizon allows "any device any app"?

14. nikki unregistered

Verizon isn't going to allow any device. I work for Verizon. We run off of a completely different network than other carriers and in no way is Verizon going to lower their standards so that AT&T phones can work with their network. Good luck with that though.

16. unregistered

This isn't an AT&T phone...it's a Sprint phone which is CDMA just like Verizon. Once we allow the "any device any app" later this year it is feasible that this could run on our network. Provided we don't squash the UI, this could be sweet.

17. nikki unregistered

I understand that this phone is CDMA technology, but Verizon isn't going to unlock the service so we can swap phones with Sprint. In this case you won't be able to "have your cake and eat it too." Why does everybody think Verizon would lower their standards like that?

19. unregistered

I understand that it seems like Verizon would be lowering their standards, but else what would be the point of the "any device, any app" initiative that we are putting into place toward the end of the year?

21. m0kc unregistered

Wow at lower their standards to at&t phones, i do distinctly remember vz saying that their 4G network was going to be LTE which uses GSM just like at&t so if anything CDMA is inferior technology.

24. unregistered

CDMA is in no way inferior to GSM. and LTE is NOT a GSM technology

25. Moomba unregistered

You sir are an idiot. LTE is GSM based technology. lmao

7. The Godfather unregistered

yes, it is unlockable from day one....and the iphone is on dial up, the instinct will at least support a much faster data speed.

10. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

99.99 unlimted everything for sprint so if you have sprint and you are getting this phone change to this plan asap cause you cant do any better than that with this device

11. unregistered

get ur facts straight before u decide to post. we are getting new plans along with the phone so plz,just stop the hatin'

12. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

there is a better plan than 99.99 for unlimted everything including gps and data, and if sprint is getting rid of this plan then they suck because 99.99 is a deal for everything and it sounds true that this plan is gone on June 1st

15. burymeinblack

Posts: 19; Member since: Apr 30, 2008

The only reason I see for them to require that plan to be active on that phone is because if they didn't have that plan on that phone then customers and consumers would pick up the phone on the most basic of plans and start to use it without regard then call in and complain about how high their bill is! Think about it. It's preventative measures. I mean, let's face it, anybody that's in this industry will testify (No matter what carrier) that we do get those complaints and phone calls. "I didn't know that application accessed the internet." So rather than get mad think of it as tactile.

18. nikki unregistered

Very good point. No one seems to look at it that way. But those of us who work in the stores actually realize how expensive it can get and how many customers have that sort of problem.

20. Don Louie unregistered

I'm all over this phone, not right away though, I want to see user reviews. They need to ratify this whole "nothing but an Everthing " plan for this phone though, there are lots of people with data plans that cover all the things that this device does

22. unregistered

you will have to change them. sprint is making it very clear in both their marketing and in their memos to employees that the ONLY plan the instinct can be activated on are everything plans, t/m/d share plans and employee-liable plans.

26. Don Louie unregistered

theres a couple more weeks for them to change thier minds, the Ultimate and Navigation data pack tsold cover all these capabilities, this plan will disenfranchise those happy with thier current plans

29. unregistered

Original Message Follows: ------------------------ Hey guys I emailed sprint customer care about the plan for the instinct. Here is a copy of their reply. ======================================================================== Question: Hi I am looking to purchase the Samsung Instinct when it is released. I currently have a family plan. I heard a rumor that when you purchase the Instinct you have to switch to a Simply Everything Plan.. Is this true? I was hoping to keep my current family plan and if i have to switch I probably will not purchase the new phone. Thank you for contacting Sprint. I will be happy to assist you regarding simply everything plan. Dear Mr.-------- I would like to share with you that it is not necessary to have simply everything plan with the Samsung Instinct. Please be assured that you can keep the older plan with the Samsung Instinct. Please write back to me, if you need any further assistance in this regard. I will be happy to assist you in the best possible manner. Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Brock M. Sprint

27. unregistered

instinct rocks!

28. unregistered

Just to clarify in regards to the "Any app, Any device" As far as I know, if the device is CDMA, and it has been approved by the FCC, then it will be able to be used on the VZW network with the exception of enhanced features specific to the carrier.

30. unregistered

I just recently purchased the instinct and love it. Except when I went to program my calendar events (have 3 kids involved in many things during the week) and most of the events are reoccurring. I contacted Sprint's support and was told that even though I program the reoccurring events it won't show on the following days but I will be reminded of the particular event when the time comes. Basically if someone asks if we have anything planned for 3 weeks from now and I check my calendar it will say that I have no events planned. Is that true? If I keep my phone will I have to program every day to ensure that it shows that I have upcoming events? I know that this is a small portion of what this phone can do, but I live by my calendar everyday and rely on heavliy.

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