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Spotlight: Study Helper for Android prevents your smartphone from distracting you during study

Developer: Studyhelper Download: Android
Category: Education Price: Free

As much as we love using smartphones, they can be distracting little contraptions. Everyone who's tried to concentrate intensely on a boring, but necessary task like cramming for an exam knows that smartphones are one-tap procrastination machines that should be kept away at any cost. Except that part never works out. Here's an app that can help with that – it's called Study Helper and it's made to limit your Android smartphone to a small number of apps that are essential for studying, thus blocking obstructions.

Study Helper records your studying time by subject and blocks access to most obstructions, such as push notifications, games, multimedia, messages, and whatever else might disrupt your task. It's up to you to select which apps you have installed are necesarry for study. The rest of your smartphone will be completely locked for a period of time specified by the user. The application also has a statistics segment that lets one view their study records measured in seconds. Additionally, it provides daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. There's also 'Hard mode' which completely locks the smartphone for a set time, and might not function correctly on all devices.

Helpful as it is, Study Helper might be a bit of a pain in the rear to uninstall from your smartphone. The app requires phone administrator access to operate, and must be unlocked to remove. Look for the ‘phone administrator for deletion' button within its settings, and tap on it before you go about uninstalling the app. Otherwise, the application is easy to use, looks great, and can be used for free.


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