Sony Ericsson confirms TM506 for T-Mobile

Sony Ericsson confirms TM506 for T-Mobile
Today, Sony Ericsson announced that the TM506 is its first 3G phone to hit T-Mobile USA, coming in early September. The first information on it was revealed by the FCC in June, and after that, it was in almost every rumor about T-Mo’s 3G, but hasn’t been official until now. TM506 is a 3.7 x 1.9 x 0.69 inches clamshell with 2-megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth, aGPS with TeleNav, and talk time up to 9.5 hours. If T-Mobile USA doesn’t launch other new model before it, TM506 will be the first phone of the carrier to feature HSDPA.

source: Sony Ericsson



1. unregistered


2. unregistered

Sony Ericcson sucks.

4. unregistered

Hell no, Sony Ericsson is good, especially has the longest battery life than other brands. Sony Ericsson has better looking too!

3. unregistered

T-MOBILE sucks, 2 companies that are just too ordinary BORING

5. unregistered

got that rite

23. unregistered

wanna know who's phones sucked till this year??? SPRINT! their phones are ugly ass hell t-mobile has better phones then them... .

6. unregistered

just what t-mobile needs, MORE GARBAGE!

7. Jc unregistered

Finally a decent 3g phone...

8. unregistered

dont hate the best cell company because you have crappy att or verizon. Lots of good phones coming out on tmobile. So makr sure you stay with your companies..............

10. unregistered

do you by any chance work for tmoblie?nah then youd probably hate them and yourself

16. C-Chicki unregistered

I want whatever drugs he has, because if you can be in some euphoric state when it comes to T-Mobile, that must be STRONG. Mind-altering drugs boys and girls, look what they are doing to our future.

9. unregistered

So none of you like SE or T-Mobile, why do all of you have to b.tch about it. It wastes space, just as you waste oxygen.

11. unregistered

theye not the only ones

12. MS unregistered

People get a life!

13. jtl unregistered

id second that statement

24. unregistered

haha seriously! i'm just annoyed everyones baggin on t-mobile when 90% of them have never tried them, i've had them all t-mobile is the best and i'm sticking with it.

14. Dhirendra unregistered

Purchasing a mobile phones is not an easy task. There are various varieties of Mobile Phones in market. Sony Erecssion and samsunch launch different models in market with great feature. All the latest feature you can find in latest version.

15. JC unregistered

I have a feeling Tmobile's gonna screw this phone up just like all their other ones

17. unregistered

They don't even cripple their phones, like Verizon does. What are you talking about?

18. JC unregistered

OK, well Verizon's the worst offender as far as crippling phones... but make no mistake about it... TMobile DOES cripple their phones... if you don't know that, then you need to do your homework...

20. unregistered

well i guess i see what you mean now

19. JC unregistered

This phone is just like the z770i... and the keypad looks like that of the W980...

21. unregistered

i like how so many people are saying that this phone sucks without ever using it or reading reviews.

22. wowwww unregistered

k first of all, T-mobile doesn't suck. Cingular and Verison suck worse! all my friends have cingular and they get service no where! it's not about the phone, i mean shit a phone is a phone!!! who cares that t-mobile doesn't have the i-phone or whatever!!!! they have the best network. the only place i've never gotten service, is in my friends basement, and up in the mountains. i got service out in the middle of no where compared to the mountains. cingular or verison had nothing! if you wanna bag go bag on cricket or something! they suck way bad! t-mobile is CLIMBING to the top of the cell industry.

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