Some clarification for Sprint's Premier changes

Some clarification for Sprint's Premier changes
Sprint recently announced some upcoming changes to their “Premier” customer program, and thanks to the guys over at BGR we now have some clarity on what the changes exactly are.

There are going to be two different tiers to the program. Previously, there was only one tier with the main qualification being on an Everything Data plan with a rate of $69.99 per month for an individual plan or $129.99 per month on a family plan. Check out the gold and silver tiers:

Gold Level
A gold level member will receive 25% off the purchase of 2 or more accessories, customer newsletters; “just because” perks, first to buy offers, and the ability to upgrade one device after 12 months of service. To qualify for a Premier Gold membership, users must have an individual monthly plan costing $89.99 or more or a family plan costing $169.99 (before any applicable discounts).

Silver Level
A silver level member will receive the same benefits as gold members — 25% off the purchase of 2 or more accessories, customer newsletters, “just because” perks, and first to buy offers — but will not have the ability to upgrade a device after 12 months of service. To qualify for a Premier Silver membership, users must have an individual monthly plan costing between $69.99 and $89.98 or a family plan costing between $99.99 and $169.98 (before any applicable discounts).

For any long standing customers of 10 years or longer, you will considered a Sprint Premier customer no matter what plan you have. Hopefully any confusion has been cleared up, so tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: BGR



1. SprintPower

Posts: 74; Member since: Dec 29, 2008

I would think 'long standing customers of 10 years or longer' would rate their own tier far above the rest. This should include additional subsidies for higher priced phones (i.e. $300 or higher before rebates). I constantly feel ripped off when using the upgrade offers because I inevitably end up paying more than a new subsciber. This just feels wrong to a 10 year loyalist, especially in a market where customers jump around from carrier to carrier based on the latest deals or features.

9. SprintRep010101 unregistered

Actually Sprint gives the exact same pricing to new customers and fully eligible upgrades. Its the 3rd party dealers such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, Wirefly, etc.. That give better deals to new customers because they get paid a higher rate for new subscribers.

3. Knowitall unregistered

Correction: The BGR post says that any 10-year-plus customer automatically has Premier Gold status, not just Premier status.

4. phoneduder unregistered

Well that couldn't be farther from the truth since all pricing is the same whether you are a new customer or an existing customer. Are you the same customer that complains about a 10 premium data charge? Dude go to another carrier and see that they are all the same. The companies are business whose number one goal is to make money. Period. I am sure whatever company you work for has goals and objectives to be successful. Right? These phones are not cheap to make. I am getting so sick of needy consumers thinking they are owed something. I dont work for any carrier, I have however worked for 2 different ones and it is amazing to me how many people complain when they don't get something for nothing. Btw I have been buy gas at the same gas station for years, I am a loyal patron but you dont here me asking for a cheaper tank for being loyal do you? Oh yeah and I shop at Target alot so I should be able to get a better deal on toilet paper. Get real.

5. iagreewithphoneduder unregistered

I work for a carrier. Wow you couldn't have said it better. I am sick and tired of people thinking these phones cost us 6 dollars to buy. This isn't a poorly made barbie doll, its a sophisticated device that does everything from make calls to mowing your lawn (that app costs money btw). If you want a free phone fine, get yourself a nifty little feature phone. You don't actually expect us to give you the best of the best for free do you? And btw why do you ask if we can match other places? if its cheaper there than go there. I never understood why you come in and ask if we could match the business across the street, this is a corp retail store not "lets make a bargain".

6. Socalvenom unregistered

"You don't actually expect us to give you the best of the best for free do you?" Ah yes! we the customers pay good money to keep phone company's in business and our money pays for your personal expenses, giving us a little something nice would be appreciated. I recently moved to England three months ago and the first thing I realized was that over here I was able to buy a top of the line HTC Desire HD for free the only thing that was required of me was a 2 year contract and unlike back in the states I still had to pay the $200 or $400{depending on the phone} before mail and rebate. I had T-mobile in California and I liked the service very much so I renewed my service in the UK and it's not just T-mobile UK who let's you buy a high end do everything phone for free it's all the mobile company's

7. bettergetmoney unregistered

"Ah yes! we the customers pay good money to keep phone company's in business and our money pays for your personal expenses", WRONG! you in no way pay my expenses. I actually work for a living. I work for a carrier and if we relied on all of you cheap give me something for nothing customers to pay our expenses we would be S.O.L.. You get what you pay for, and when a customer walks into my store and the first thing that comes out of his/her mouth is what kind of deal can you give me, i dont want to talk to them anymore. Most dont have enough money when they know how much it costs in the first place. These are just people trying to get over everyday in society thinking that someone owes them something, or just plain broke. Get a life, nobody owes you anything. You are just another working individual just like we are.

8. Rejeimha

Posts: 18; Member since: Jul 29, 2010

I agree 100% with everything you just said... You just scored a grandslam homerun. Much appreciated.

10. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

100000% agree. the carriers owe you NOTHING. You pay the carrier for cell phone service. The carrier gives you that. End of story. You want a subsidy on your phone. You get one. The carrier buries that in the montly cost of your plan and you pay it back over time with interest. Bet ya didnt realize that, did ya... lol. Where does it say "since i pay you like im supposed to, i deserve extra stuff for free out of your pocket" ??

12. homineyhominey unregistered

Really?! Is that a real statement? I get it all the time. "I pay my monthly bill on time every month. You should give me a free month of service, or bend over and take it in the backside and get me the hottest phone on the market for free." NO WAY!!! Do you go to the PUD and tell them that since you pay your utilities everymonth they should give you a month free? No! You get the service you pay for, otherwise we turn it off. It is especially bad when they get the phone wet and say they have been with the company for 20 years (yeah right) and that we should just give them a new one. Sorry, but no.

13. Wowisthisreal? unregistered

Seriously? you have a guy on here complaining because he moved to the UK and stuff is cheaper or better over there?? Why are you even going back and forth with a guy that doesn't even live here anymore. That is like me saying I went to Canada and I get my healthcare for free. So all American healthcare companies should do the same. Bottom line, customers pay to use a service. Let us all remember that the telephone is a UTILITY. Therefore it is the same as your gas company and cable. Yea, if you catch the company at the right promotion or offer you can get a good deal, but you still pay money every month. Same goes for all wireless carriers. You catch a deal, you catch a deal plain and simple. Ultimately you still aren't owed anything. My gas company or electric company doesn't owe me a thing for being a customer for 10+ years. These are perks that companies give you. Stop argueing about something you don't even know anything about. You said it yourself, your a T-Mobile customer and this is a Sprint story... Nuff Said...

15. homineyhominey unregistered

at $70 a month, it would take over six months for the carriers to recoup thier losses of a $450 phone to give to you for free. If they are rich now, they won't be in a year or so.

17. Cool unregistered

Dude... (socalvenom) you need to really lighten your load. Or is it you're just a troll and got nothing better to do!? First off, I've been a Sprint customer since they arrived in NY. I've stayed with them and supported them through all the bumps and bruises as they grew, dealt with all their growing pains in the CS department as well. WHY? Well, for one, Sprint has always offered the most competitive plans from any of the BIG carriers. They've totally sucked though in the hardware area and until the EVO really lacked in that. I hope they come out with some exciting stuff soon because one handset can't carry the charge for two years in today's market. Anyway... Now as for your RANT about the Insurance, wet phone issue? What exactly are you trying to say? Customers without insurance attempting to get a phone replaced once damaged? Because that's really not an issue at all, it's simple, no insurance, no fix! As for if the "DO" have insurance? Well, then tough luck cause you're insuring the handset and have to eat the liability against premium charges collected, which coincidently ALWAYS covers costs/liabilities -vs- profit, otherwise, it WOULDN'T be offered at all, PERIOD! That includes the handset insurance being offered by 3rd party. So overall, the fact that millions of customers pay for insurance on their handsets, shouldn't be a problem when thousands are getting new/repaired handsets. Fact is... in over a decade, I think I've replaced 3 phones overall... a handy little PROFIT in that area for the insurance carrier I'd say. Nuff said! Lastly, yes, ultimately, if a CUSTOMER is not happy, they always have the freedom to chose where they wish to contribute their hard earned $ for Cellular service. Personally, I've never been disappointed by Sprint with any issue as I've always insisted that as a CUSTOMER I should be HAPPY with the resolution of whatever the problem was and that was NON-NEGOTIABLE. I've been taken care of to my satisfaction again and again, even to the point of receiving handy discounts on my billing. All to keep THIS customer happy. It all just depends on how you handle things. Apparently, something your post might indicate you lack the capacity to execute! Good Day & Regards! :)

18. devious1 unregistered

I think thats bullsh#$ i havent been a customer for 10years damn close though but i have bought prerelease phones every year for the last 4 years and still bought top phones for the other 5 years.. I have always bought the newest and coolest phone to market.. hence my evo and my wifes epic, if we loose that status ill be pissed. everyone that currently has premire status should be GRANDFATHERED IN TO BEGINE WITH...

19. dbrad40

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 28, 2011

I am pissed because I have been a premier customer for the last few years and because they don't include what they call "add on's" I miss out on the yearly upgrade by $0.02. Come on, this is crazy. Because I don't have 5 lines on my account or have the unlimited plan when it is not necessary, I get punished because they decide they want to screw their customers. This is total B.S. :(

20. Screwed Over unregistered

I'm not pissed at the plan changes I'm just pissed that it's happening the way it is to current premier members. I bought a phone in November thinking that by the time i'd be able to renew in a year, I'd have 4G coverage and then I can upgrade to a better phone then. Not only am I no longer eligible for the upgrade in November, Im stuck to either buy out my contract or pay full price for a phone. Phone Carrier employees, get a life. Every job has it's annoyances, I think the biggest issue here is that I'm committed to a two year contract despite the fact that when I renewed, my commitment was based on different rules and benefits. Pretty shady and I can't wait to leave Sprint.

21. Hasta La Vista unregistered

I'm in the same boat, decided to go with Sprint after Russ Mcguire personally responded to a few questions on his blog, it was nice because I wasn't getting answers at any official Sprint locations. I've had an early Android device since I signed up in November, and it's been good. There were hiccups, but as an early adopter, I expected some. Some connectivity issues, but nothing horrible like AT&T, and no ridiculous costs like Verizon for their (admittedly) premium network. But this change in plan, DOWNGRADING me to Silver, just pisses me off. And the $10 charge for premium smartphones is just a way to raise rates without saying they are raising rates. If it was just for 4G, and was only in 4G areas, then I'd have no problem with it. I think someone in marketing is going to loose their job in about 6 months as all the customers (like me) jump ship BECAUSE of these crappy decisions. See ya Sprint, back to a MVNO like Credo, who is offering to pay ETF's to switch, or Virgin Mobile who has a lot lower rates without the crappy contracts.

22. drop sprint like it's hot unregistered

So basically what Sprint is saying is they value me for being a loyal customer and the reward is to downgrade my status to Silver and make me pay 40 extra dollars a month to get back to Gold...yea right

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