Software update for the Samsung Replenish carries some enhancements & fixes

Software update for the Samsung Replenish carries some enhancements & fixes
For those of you out there who managed to pick up the eco-friendly Samsung Replenish, you’ll probably be surprised to already see a notification pop up on the handset indicating that a software update is available for download.

Fortunately, the minor maintenance release for the handset carries along some enhancements and bug fixes that should stabilize the handset slightly. Specifically, it fixes the LED notification light for missed alerts, resolves the issue with Bluetooth email sync functionality, and improves performance in roaming coverage. The download itself isn’t a large at all and takes approximately 5 minutes to fully install, but it’s mentioned that it should be pushed out to all devices within the next 4 days.

If you’d rather get it now than later, you can always initiate the process yourself by going into the settings menu and manually checking for the update yourself.

source: Sprint

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1. 313 unregistered

Does anybody else kind-of NOT hate this phone? We received them a few days ago at our store and I really don't hate it. Good, cheap alternative to some of the "big boys" for Android.

6. wumberpeb

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 14, 2011

I'm still waiting for the phone at my preferred retailer in Albany NY...considering we got 10 Nexus a few days before launch on Sunday, and the Replenish should sell far more without the premium data fee, i'm kinda pissed

7. ZayZay

Posts: 571; Member since: Feb 26, 2011

Haven't seen it. Getting them in the store today. Super excited to tell people we have an android for cheap and without that $10 add on. People think that $10 add on is death and would rather have T-mobile. Oh the comments I have heard about the $10.

8. Joeh77 unregistered

I just picked up the Replenish yesterday. I got it home opened it up and plugged it into my laptop. The computer then started searching for the device drivers and asked me for the CD that came with the phone. Problem is, NO CD came with the phone. Then, of course, I had it search for the drivers and it could not find them. I then went on the Sprint web site, nothing, and the Samsung web site, nothing. Anybody have any experience with this? Joe

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