Software update for the HTC Tilt 2 brings Sense & other enhancements

Software update for the HTC Tilt 2 brings Sense & other enhancements
Call it a long time in the works, but AT&T owners who've been faithful in holding onto their HTC Tilt 2 are being treated with a hefty update that brings the all too useful Sense user interface and replaces TouchFLO 3D. In the wake of a full Android assault, the HTC Tilt 2 was the last HTC Touch Pro2 variants to be released in the US market – and it was actually the first to launch Window Mobile 6.5 to the masses. Additionally, the software update also features a fix for Caller ID inconsistencies, SMS freezing issues, and inaccurate SMS/MMS counts. Plus, you'll now have the ability to even format a microSD card directly from the handset. Not only does Sense beautify and enhance the overall user experience, but the new ROM version 2.10.501.4 also packs an integrated instant messaging client, AT&T Wi-Fi client, Vlingo, and a Twitter app that's within reach at all times. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to HTC's web site and grab yourself the latest update.

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1. Really unregistered

Umm, did an intern write this story? TouchFLO 3d is a SAMSUNG interface and has never appeared on any HTC phone, including this one. The Tilt2 has ALWAYS had Sense. This is a minor ROM update. You guys need to pull this story before you embarrass yourselves further.

2. Mang unregistered

^^ is that guy posting trollbait? TouchFLO 3D is a HTC skin. Samsung has a UI overlay called TouchWiz. And the Tilt2 absolutely did NOT come with Sense installed. It came with TouchFLO 3D installed. Most of us had to flash the ROM to get Sense on the Tilt2.

3. TEds unregistered

Are you trying to be a douche? Or does it come naturally? Do you even have a Tilt 2? Because I remember turning mine on and it saying "starting TouchFLO 3D" every time. And the HTC and ATT websites both state that the phone has TouchFLO 3D. It JUST got Sense. You need to delete this post before you embarrass yourself further.

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