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So, how much do you usually pay for a smartphone case?

So, how much do you usually pay for a smartphone case?
Smartphones are not getting cheaper, but they certainly are getting more brittle. Or at least that's how it looks, with all this glass pressed against a metal frame being the current go-to design language.

Even if you don't use a case as a daily accessory, we're pretty sure that most people out there will have on hand just for the odd occasion. It may be a trip or a hike or any situation where one's phone is placed at a high risk of a drop over the cold and emotionless concrete.

And there are tons of cases to pick from. From the super-cheap with $1-$2 shells to official manufacturer skins that can set you back $50 or more, to insane collector-style cases that can go for more than $100.

Anyway, where do you sit? How much would you pay for the item that's supposed to prevent phone damages and actual expensive repairs?

How much do you spend on a smartphone case?

Up to $2, no more
I'd go as high as $10
$20 usually gets me a nice case
Up to $50 for the brand-name stuff
Up to $100 - I want a really, really nice case
I'd go $100+ for the right case


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